In-play football tips & Betfair SP profits – 2 new ways to win betting

Last week saw the release of the latest SBC Magazine (Issue 110), which features 3 new and very detailed tipster reviews for you to discover.

It includes 2 experts with profitable records on the betting exchanges – the first, a racing tipster with a winning Betfair SP record and the second, a successful football tipsteradvising lay bets in major leagues and competitions.

There is also a detailed review of an in-play football tipster making strong profits taking advantage of bookies mistakes as games unfold.

If interested in learning more on each of these tipsters, I have penned a bit more detail on all 3 below, how they work and the winning edge they can provide you with.

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Review 1: The £2 a month in-play football tipster with a 10% ROI

This first review is one 2 years in the making as we have been studiously tracking this unique tipping service since 2017, during which time we have been highly impressed by the profits generated.

Advising bets in-play, over the course of these 2 years and 1315 tips, this tipster has made a 10% Return on Investment and best of all a 333% betting bank growth figure.

Using the free Telegram app (available in mobile/desktop versions) to supply the in-play tips, this service charges just £2 a month or £19.99 per season to pick up all their in-play advice – making this an absolute bargain!

In our exclusive review, you can read a full breakdown of results over time and by league/competition, plus odds tracking and our experience of following in-play. Already several SBC members have started to follow this expert and it’s easy to see why.

Review 2: The Betfair SP Profitable Racing Tipster

With betting restrictions an active concern for many horse racing punters – attention for many has turned to those tipsters able to make a profit at Betfair SP, where you can bet without fear of account closure.

Hence why interest has been so strong in our 2nd review in SBC 110, which tackles the racing tipster with a strong profit at Betfair SP since 2014. Our calculations indicate a 14.18% ROI at Betfair SP over the past 6 years at 5% commission rates. Assuming you will pay a lower Betfair commission rate – this ROI profit figure could easily be beaten and improved upon.

This tipster also makes a fine profit if betting with traditional bookmakers and perhaps most pleasingly – no major odds movement issues to worry about. Unlike some tipsters where the odds drop swiftly after a tip has been advised, our tracking found that you could actually beat the quoted odds simply by shopping around.

As a Smart Betting Club member you can also enjoy a 50% discount on the cost of membership to this tipster – part of the exclusive savings deals we negotiate on your behalf.

Review 3: The Free Football Betting Laying Tipster

Our 3rd and final detailed review in SBC 110 tackles another winning tipster with a profitable record advising lay bets you can follow on the betting exchanges.

It’s a service run by an ex-betting exchange employee who developed his tipping strategy based on the knowledge he accumulated working in the industry for several years.

Currently available FREE of charge to Smart Betting Club members – it has made a 50 point profit at 3.3% ROI from 450 lays advised since January 2018.

And if that ROI figure sounds low – well it isn’t as it needs to be judged in the context of how a laying service works AND the competitive nature of the markets he tips in. Most of them are major leagues and competitions across Europe like the Champions League, Premier League and Serie A, so getting an edge in these areas is quite the achievement.

Our review explores this currently free service, its profitable record, betting bank advise and how best to follow.

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