The Daily Sheet – Top Class Bets Free With SBC

In an exclusive tie-up with the Smart Betting Club  – as a member you can access top performing tips from The Daily Sheet – advising bets to take on horse racing, greyhounds and occasionally other sports.

The Daily Sheet is run by professional gambler, Matt, who bets for a living and runs this service in conjunction with his own betting. Therefore, all of the bets you will see advised through the service are those he is backing himself. Prior to shifting to solely online betting for his income, Matt used to bet in-running at racetracks and has been operating The Daily Sheet since the end of January 2024.

Between late January and April 2024, it was operated as quite simply a ‘Daily Sheet’ of bets before shifting to Telegram at the start of May so it could supply bets 1 by 1 as they come in so followers can get on them as they are advised.

Matt is connected to several sources who supply him with shrewd value bets, including his connections to various commission agents who share with him information on what horses (mainly) are being backed and at what prices.

Access to the Daily Sheet also allows you to not only to see all of the official advised racing bets but also to see ‘warm’ Greyhound and Sports bets as well as knowledge of those bets being backed by Commission Agents.

How It Works

Quite simply, you are able to join the exclusive ‘Daily Sheet’ Telegram group as an SBC member, at which point you will receive all the bets from the service each day through this group.

Staked Bets are advised from 9am daily until approx 1230pm and all bets are quoted to readily available prices (at least 5 different firms from oddschecker grid minimum).

There can be a lot of bets daily (between 10-20) so if you want a daily nap this is not the channel for you!

Bets are staked from 0.25pts to 3 pts and are always the general price, never a stand out.

The Daily Sheet Profitable Record

We are currently working on building a large spreadsheet of results for The Daily Sheet, where you can view in one easy section all results to date.

Until then, you can view the performance of each full month to date (Feb, March and April) where each bet was logged via the Bet Analytix website.

  • Jan 31st to End of February 2024:  472 Bets / +145.7 Points Profit @ 31.17% ROI. View record
  • March 2024: 474 Bets / + 1.76 Points Profit @ 0.57% ROI. View record
  • April 2024: 413 Bets / +31.75 Points Profit @ 12.27% ROI . View record

Get All Of The Daily Sheet’s Tips Free With SBC Membership

All of the bets from the Daily Sheet are available to all Smart Betting Club members free of charge via access to their Telegram Channel

To Follow The Daily Sheet, simply join this Telegram Channel. You can remove yourself at anytime

If you are not an SBC member and wish to join to access The Daily Sheet’s tips and those from the other free tipsters we provide, Subscribe to SBC now and then return to this page to find the link to join his mailing list.

If you hold an SBC membership, login with your username/password and return to this page to discover how to sign-up to get all of his tips for free via email

Service Nuts & Bolts

About: A list of bets to take each day on mainly horse racing with occasional greyhound bets and other sports to follow. Access to the service also provides you the ability to see the full ‘Daily Sheet’ of bets and other ‘warm bets’ 

Bet Timing: Tips are advised from 9am to 12.30pm each day. It is advised you take each bet as it is advised as prices can and do move.

Bet Type: Bets are staked from 0.25pts to 3 pts. Staking is supplied with each bet

Bookmakers: All bets are quoted to readily available prices (at least 5 different firms from oddschecker grid minimum).

Number of Bets: There is a large quantity of bets advised through this service – as many as 20 per day on busier mornings.

Betting Banks: We advocate a 200 point betting bank for this service as an initial guide. Please be aware that as we are building up the data set required, this is only a very informal guide. Full advice on the optimal size bank will be supplied once more data is gathered.

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