Account Agent – SBC Service & Guide To Help Extend The Life Of Your Bookmaker Accounts!

Bookmaking account restrictions are the scourge of any successful bettor and limit the usefulness of any ‘soft bookmaker’ account. Once you are profiled as ‘sharp’, you will be limited down to pennies or even have your account closed altogether.

Well, we have a solution – a service for paid SBC Members called Account Agent!

Featuring a supply of regular ‘Amateur’ and ‘Hedge’ Bets to help you 1) hide your tracks and 2) place hedge bets that can move money into accounts with sharp firms, this is a unique service and exclusively available to SBC.

To explain more about the concept, SBC members can also access a detailed Account Agent PDF Guide that outlines how bookmakers profile accounts and what you need to do in order to avoid this for as long as possible.

About Account Agent

Designed by an extremely successful professional punter with a vast amount of experience working within the industry, this service aims to help you maintain your soft bookmaker accounts for as long as possible.

The strategies outlined below will delay restrictions at the very least and possibly allow you to make more profit from your ‘soft’ bookmaker accounts than otherwise may have been the case.

The Problem

Soft bookmakers such as Bet 365, Paddy Power, SkyBet and William Hill have developed ever more advanced ways to detect ‘sharp action’ and using AI, they sort players into different categories.

When their systems observe patterns from bettors that are unlikely to be profitable for their company over the long-term, the account will be flagged so that a human can look at bet histories and decide whether they want to continue taking the custom.

Beating prices and/or closing lines, profitability, following well known tipsters, connections to other accounts and large increases in staking are all markers that the AI looks for and we want to avoid being detected as a sharp bettor so that ‘human eyes’ never look at what we are REALLY betting on.


To do this, there are some basic things you can do, such as:

  • Having lots of bookmaker accounts so that you can spread turnover (and any profits) around
  • Depositing small amounts and rarely withdrawing
  • Placing neutral EV ‘mug bets’ into large, liquid markets
  • Avoid dramatic increases in staking
  • Avoid taking advantage of bonuses on offer from the bookmaker

Account Agent

All of these are good practice for any bettor, but there are even more sophisticated ways to maintain your accounts. That’s where Account Agent comes in.

A detailed breakdown of how this service works can be found in the SBC Members Area (Via the Betting Magazines page – SBC Member login required to access), where the brains behind the concept, Kris, details every facet of what he has created in a special Account Agent PDF Guide.

The key strategies outlined in this guide can be broken down into three parts:

  1. ‘Amateur bets’ are neutral EV bets that will not set any alarm bells of with bookmakers. They are not designed to win or lose any money, but to camouflage your other action. Account Agent will share these Amateur Bets in the service’s Telegram group each day, with more frequent options to get on at weekends. 
  2. ‘Hedge bets’ are an extremely useful way to ‘lose’ with soft bookmakers and transfer funds into a sharp bookmaker or broker account. By backing two sides of the market in a liquid, high-profile event, you can win what looks like a ‘mug bet’ or lose with the likes of Bet365 and win with a bet Broker firm or sharp bookmaker such as Pinnacle. This yet again makes your action look recreational or amateur and you pay a small amount (circa 1-3%) to maintain the longevity of your soft bookmaker over the long-term. Account Agent will provide these bets too, with regular bets containing both sides of the hedge dropped into the Telegram group.
  3. ‘Accumulator bets’ are the third way to make your account look as appetising to the AI as possible. Placing daily accumulators with lots of selections (12+) and small stakes is a great way to make you look recreational. A small outlay (around £2 for each bet) will be more than worth it if you can maintain access to odds on other more profitable markets and whilst we don’t want these bets to win, they will every now and then! Account Agent will not provide these bets as the correlation between different accounts would be too easy to spot if it did. Instead, it encourages that you choose these selections for yourself, with prominent markets (e.g. EPL football) being the best places to build your long list of teams.

How Account Agent Works for SBC Members & How To Gain Access

As you can probably tell by now, this isn’t a ‘traditional’ tipster service that will help you make money from bookmakers directly. What it will do is help you to maintain your accounts, allowing you to deploy other positive EV strategies or services so that you can make profits there.

To follow Account Agent, you will need to download Telegram, which is very much like WhatsApp or other instant messenger service. Once you have done that, just click on the Telegram link below and you will be added into the group where Account Agent’s Hedge and Amateur Bets are supplied.

‘Amateur’ and ‘Hedge’ bets will be sent out regularly and if you would like to learn more about how this works then the report titled ‘Account Agent’ is available in the SBC members area for you to read through.

Results To Date

Despite both of the strategies shared in the Telegram group being designed to break even (or make a small loss), we have been tracking performance to report back on the returns from both the ‘Amateur’ and ‘Hedge’ bets so that members can see how much time and money prolonging their accounts will take.

Here are the results for the ‘Amateur’ bets, where we can see a small loss from the bets placed into high liquidity markets:

As for the ‘Hedge’ bets, early 2024 saw some of the longer priced selections winning, which resulted in returns arriving into bookmaker accounts rather than exchanges (hence the negative ‘Transfer’ number in some columns below below). As you can see, the loss on these bets has been extremely small and like with the ‘Amateur’ bets, high liquidity markets were used:

If you had followed the service over this time using level staking, you would have made a loss of 8.94 points, all whilst masking any other activity and betting into large, high liquidity markets that the bookmakers love!

A detailed breakdown of every ‘Amateur’ and ‘Hedge’ bet can be found in this spreadsheet.

Get All Of Account Agent’s Tips Free With SBC Membership

You can access the Account Agent Amateur and Hedge Bets via the Telegram Channel as a Smart Betting Club member.

Service Nuts And Bolts

About: Account Agent shares ‘amateur bets’ and ‘hedge bets’ that are designed to help with account longevity. Tips are shared daily, with a higher volume at weekends via a specific Telegram Channel. You need to have a paid SBC membership to access this Channel.

Bet Timing: Tips are sent predominately before any evening action in various sports. A wider range of selection times can be expected on Saturdays, with more sporting events providing opportunities.

Bet Type: Various single bets for each category.

Bookmakers: The service will be designed to prolong Bet365 accounts but will most likely be usable with other soft bookmakers too, especially in the most liquid markets.  

Number of Bets: The number of bets varies depending on the day. 

Staking: Staking for ‘amateur bets’ should match your single stakes for sharper action. ‘Hedge bets’ can be staked in line with your core staking too.

Betting Banks: N/A