SBC Free Tipster – FAQ

Answers To Your Questions On SBC’s Free Tipsters…

Why Do SBC Offer Free Tipsters?

We do so as it’s an ideal solution for those of you not sure where to start OR wary about spending money on subscription fees to a tipster service. Instead you can get all access to quality free tipsters all as part of your Smart Betting Club membership.

How Can You Follow These Tipsters?

Access to each of SBC’s Free tipsters is provided exclusively to Smart Betting Club members. Once you have joined the service, visit each of the Free Tipster pages and you will see sign-up links for you to get started right away with the experts you want to follow.

How Are The Tips Sent?

All of the tips are sent via email directly to you with the only exception being Pricewise with PCB where the advice is delivered via the Telegram app. When logged into the free tipster section as an SBC member, you can simply sign-up to follow those tipsters that interest you the most!

How Quickly Can You Make A Profit?

Betting profits never come in a straight line so we make no bones about stating you will need patience and discipline to profit long-term from these tipsters. We can’t guarantee (nor can any tipster) that you will make a definitive profit within 1 week or even 1 month, yet what we can show you is that given time these tipsters have made a clear profit in the past and have a clear edge on the bookmaker.

If you join the Smart Betting Club and start following all tipsters with that realistic mindset, you will go far!

Where Can I See More Detailed Results?

We keep a detailed log of all results at this online results spreadsheet. Please explore the individual tipster results sheets to see a full breakdown of performance.

How Are SBC Able To Offer These Tipsters For Free?

Due to the combined power of the Smart Betting Club community, we are able to negotiate special deals with these tipsters so that they are willing to supply their advice for free to our members.

Usually we are able to negotiate a supply of advice for at least 6 months, if not longer for each tipster we bring onboard as a ‘Free Tipster’. You will see

Do The Free Tipsters Change Over Time?

Yes you will see occasional changes to the roster of Free Tipsters that are available to SBC members.

Some of the best Free Tipsters after making a strong profit for a long period of time do then request to charge a fee for access and then become a ‘Premium’ Tipster.

Take The Poacher for example. Between January 2019 and January 2021, he provided all of his football bets as a Free Tipster. He made a 32 point profit @ 4% ROI to Betfair odds during this time when his advice was available for free and due to his success, he transitioned to the SBC Premium Tipster section.

Here at SBC we feel it is only fair that once a tipster has proven their expertise for a long period of time that they are able to then charge a fee for specific access to their expertise as a Premium Tipster.

Bear in mind – any SBC members that followed the likes of The Poacher or PGA Profit when a Free Tipster, will only choose to join them when a Premium Tipster if they have truly been successful!