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Listen To The SBC Podcast Interview With ‘The Poacher’.

You can learn more about The Poacher in this podcast interview with the Smart Betting Club as published in January 2021.

As part of a deep dive into his work as a profitable bettor, we discuss his background in betting, the process behind how he finds value on Betfair and his work running ‘The Poacher’ service since 2019.

If you enjoy this and are keen to hear more – simply search ‘Smart Betting Club’ wherever you get your podcasts!

Introducing The Poacher

The Poacher is a truly unique football service in that it is overseen by a former bookmaking industry employee who uses his expertise to help identify profitable betting opportunities.

Having worked for many different bookmaker firms for over 20 years, he recently left the industry in order to commit more time to his own betting.

His approach also appeals because all of his advised bets can be placed and followed on betting exchanges like Betfair, making it ideal for those of you restricted or limited by bookmakers.

With a 2 year free proofing period showcasing a fine profit over his first 753 bets, on the 15th January 2021, The Poacher introduced a subscription fee for those wishing to gain exclusive access to his specialist football betting tips.

The Poacher’s Tipping Record 

To prove his ability as a football tipster, The Poacher supplied all of his football tips free of charge to Smart Betting Club members between January 2019 and the 14th January 2021.

Such a strong profit was made over the 753 free tips advised during this period, that from the 15th January 2021, a fee for access to his tips was introduced.

Overall, since January 2019, The Poacher has made 58.68 points of profit @ 2.31% ROI from 2,549 bets as per the table below:

For those of you wishing to explore these results further, you can access a Google Sheets spreadsheet via this link. This results spreadsheet will be updated on a regular basis with the latest figures.

The Poacher Betting Bank Growth

We recommend 3 different point betting bank sizes for you to choose from if following The Poacher.

Simply divide your starting financial betting bank by the points betting bank you feel most comfortable with and use that as your stake.

For example, if you begin with a £2,000 financial betting bank and wish to take the higher-risk approach of a 30 point betting bank, your stake per point would be £2,000 / 60 = £66.66.

Below you can see how a notional £2,000 would have grown over the lifetime of the service:

Bronze Award Winner – 2021 SBC Awards

To further highlight just how popular this service is with his subscribers, The Poacher was rewarded with the Bronze Award for the ‘Best Sports Tipster’ in the 2021 Smart Betting Club Awards.

Voted for by Smart Betting Club members, these awards recognise those tipsters who have made a difference to punters’ lives through the quality of the betting advice they supply.

As The Poacher was a newcomer in this category he will be hoping to continue his tipping form and contend for the prizes next year.

A Sensible & Realistic Approach To Football Betting

Football remains one of the most popular markets to bet upon, yet equally one of the most difficult at times to turn a profit from. The amount of money traded on football ensures that many markets are very efficient and therefore finding true, value bets requires real skill and aptitude.

This is why football tipsters often operate to what in comparison to other sports such as horse racing and golf might seem ‘low Return on Investment (ROI) figures’ of usually between 2 and 4%.

Yet the reality is that such ROI figures represent a realistic return and when you add into the equation the fact that bookmakers are very unlikely to limit or close your accounts betting on major football competitions, its easy to see the appeal.

You can stake more and therefore win consistently without the fear that one big winner (as can be the case with horse racing) might see your accounts closed.

For all of the bets advised by The Poacher you will be able to match the odds quoted on exchanges such as Betfair, Smarkets, Matchbook and Betdaq. Those of you with bookmaker accounts might also found occasions when you can also take them with these firms.

SBC Football and services like The Poacher are therefore here to offer a sensible, long-term approach to building football betting profits for those with the patience, disciple and staking to make it pay.

These services are not ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes but if following in each and every bet as advised, the long-term edge is there to be witnessed.

Watch The Poacher’s Trademate Sports Interview!

‘The Poacher’ himself was interviewed recently on the Trademate Sports podcast and you can both listen and watch him via the YouTube video below.

More About The Poacher

To help showcase more on The Poacher and his expertise, he answered the following questions on his background, areas of specialism, bet type, placement and what you can expect to make following his advice:

Introduction: Can you talk a bit about your background in betting and pedigree as a football tipster?

At the time of writing (January 2022) I have been advising selections for SBC members for three years now after commencing back in January 2019. I was connected with SBC by a mutual friend, with whom I discussed football with on a regular basis and that’s basically how it all started.

I worked in the betting industry for almost 25 years so that’s where I learnt lots of things about the ins and outs of betting but most importantly it thought me how to become a profitable punter by cutting out mistakes and looking for profitable angles.

I have made a profit in each of the three years I have been proofing to SBC. I try to target a ROI of 5%. You can see my yearly figures on this page but if following for a full football season (Aug – May) you will observe a 5.21 % for season 19 /20 and 5.33 % for 20 /21. The summer bets haven’t gone as well but it’s still a small sample and I still maintain there are good opportunities available during those months which shouldn’t be overlooked.

Betting Specialism: Can you explain more about these leagues and competitions you target and why you have an edge in them?

My main focus is on the two main leagues in Spain (La Liga & Segunda), the French Ligue 1 and the League of Ireland. I also get involved in the Champions League and Europa League.

I believe my edge is in knowing how particular teams play under certain conditions. I also look for patterns from teams, both good and bad that over a short term I can use to my advantage. I pay particular attention to late goals. Teams that regularly score late goals tend to be reliable when playing in the overs markets. I also like to be able to spot a team about to come into form / has overachieved as you can regularly get good value on those teams for a while before the market actually catches up on them.

I feel I have a good handle on many of the teams in Spain and France. Members will often see the same teams popping up week in week out. This is because I am familiar with their playing style and try to use it to my advantage. I really enjoy looking at a game where the market says goals will be low but can come up with plenty of reasons against this.

Bet Type: What about the type of bets and markets you focus on and why. What can members look to expect to receive from you?

I focus solely on single bets that you can take on Betfair or any other exchange. These are in the match odds markets, over/under goals, Goal Line, Both Teams To Score and Asian Handicap markets. These are all high liquid markets so bets are straight forward to place. I will often split my stakes on a match between Both Teams To Score and the Overs on goals if I feel both offer good value.

Bet Placement: What bookmaker or exchange accounts do you need to follow your tips in with?

I now advise all my bets using the odds available on Betfair, so assuming you have an account with them you will easily be able to follow me in on all my bets. I find the exchanges best as I advise in high liquidity markets where getting on should not be a problem and the odds are generally competitive. Of course you can use any exchange which many members do. Once you can get the advised odds this is perfectly fine.

Realistic aims: What kind of profit and ROI figure can someone realistically expect if following your bets?

Again, at the time of writing, I have now shown a profit of over 44 points at over 3.5% ROI on over 1200 bets. I had a really poor period after football resumed in May 2019, post covid-19 and dropped 15 points over two months. In hindsight I should have staked lower and perhaps waited for teams to settle in to football without crowds but this was a unique, challenging situation. Even despite this losing run, both 2019 and 2020 have made a good profit and similar ROI figure of 4%.

Over the 3 years my service was free in 2019 and 2020, it evolved and by now using goal lines and Asian Handicaps more it should reduce variance over the long term. While it is inevitable we will get losing runs I aim to keep them at a more manageable level to what we saw in the past.

Anyone following me in will need to take a long term approach to get the most out of it. I know we hear this regularly but it is very important.

I would say the positives of following my service would be that a 40 – 50pt betting bank is sufficient. All of my bets are easy to place as once you have a Betfair account you are good to go. You won’t have to worry about restrictions and I provide a full preview for each bet I advise so you can see exactly why I am backing each selection.


Service Nuts & Bolts

Here is how the service works:

Bet Notifications Via Email: As a subscriber to The Poacher you will get all bets notified by email. All bets are supplied several hours ahead of a game starting to ensure you have enough time to get on.

Bet Timing: Most emails are sent late morning or early afternoon. Again, always several hours before a game starts.

Bet Type: Bets are all single bets on football markets with enough liquidity on Betfair to ensure all members can place them.

Number of Bets: The service averages around 30 to 40 bets in a current average month. Sometimes more, sometimes less – it all depends on the quantity of value betting opportunities and the fixture list.

Staking: Stakes range from 0.5 point up to 1.5 point as a maximum bet. The majority of bets are for 1 point level stakes.

Betting Banks: We advocate the following points betting bank sizes:

Higher risk: 30 points betting bank
Moderate (advised): 40 points betting bank
Safe: 50 points betting bank

Simply choose the points betting bank size that suit your risk preferences.

How Quickly Can You Get Started? We aim to process all orders received within 1 working day, although usually we are able to process this much quicker than that.


£10 First Month offer & 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

To give you the chance to sample The Poacher service, you can now sign-up for all membership options and pay just £10 for your first month membership. This offer is available once per customer and to new members to The Poacher service only as a way to sample it before you commit to a lengthier membership term.

You can also join The Poacher with the peace of mind of knowing that you have a 30-day anytime Money Back Guarantee.

This states that if at any point during your first 30 days with the service, you would like a refund, then simply request this via email to and we will cancel your membership and send your subscription fee back to you – no questions asked.


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