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For those of you who read Rowan Day’s Bet Diary series, some quite remarkable 2024 results were posted recently as our resident writer discussed his use of the Bookie Bashing Early Payout Tracker.

Using Lucky 15s for his staking, Rowan has posted Return On Investment (ROI) figures of 25.42% and this excellent performance has resulted in his starting bank for this strategy more than doubling this year (Return On Capital stands at 110.11%!).

How Does This Work?

Many bookmakers (including the likes of Bet365 and BetFred) offer concessions that offer excellent value in the football markets and with some sensible staking strategies, these can be used to create excellent value bets that don’t spook bookmakers. This is because they do not trigger mechanisms that would normally flag your action (e.g. beating the closing line).

Using a tracker on the Bookie Bashing website, you can find value propositions from leagues all across the world, meaning that getting bets down on a daily basis is more than achievable!

The good news is that despite the major European leagues now being on their Summer breaks, the European Championships and a wide range of global leagues are still up and running, providing plenty of opportunities to get these bets down!

Yes we know Man City have won the league in England but leagues such as in Scandinavia, North and South America and the rest of the world continue apace as usual.

Our Review

To accompany Rowan’s diary posts, we have just published a review of this strategy, with a detailed analysis of the historical figures, commentary from the SBC team and real-life usage all incorporated to provide an overview of who this strategy is best for.

Like with any of our reviews, we use advanced analytics to break the data down and one key takeaway from this work is how bookmakers are likely to react to this betting and whether account restrictions are a big risk here (or not!).

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