The Betfair Trading Scam & 15% Value Football System

First off this week I want to highlight a very concerning Betfair Trading Scam doing the rounds, which seems to have caught a few people out.

Those behind this scam have obtained the phone numbers for thousands of keen gamblers and are sending text messages offering a risk free trial of their Betfair Trading service. This might sound harmless enough until you realise there is no actual free trial – they simply want access to your personal details and any funds in your Betfair account.

One such example text message received is as follows:

BETFAIR TRADERS. Earn RISK FREE profit on your online account daily using our team of specialist traders. For more info on the FREE TRIAL text back (YOUR NAME)

Upon sending a reply back, you can expect to receive a call from this mysterious company, who will do everything in their power to convince you to give them a free trial.

Ultimately, all they want is access to your Betfair account for ‘trading’ purposes, but if doing so, not only will they clear your account of its funds, but they can also then access your bank details. Not good at all! Continue reading