Earn 20% Cashback With A Skrill Gambling ‘E-Wallet’

In today’s column I want to share a top pro gambler tip on how to keep all of your betting activity as organised as possible…and also how you can save (and make) money in the process.

If you enjoy a bet then the chances are you have at least one, if not several different bookmaker accounts, which although the right thing to do (after all the more bookies you use, the better the odds you can get), does mean it can be a nightmare keeping on top of it all.

One of the big problems with having multiple bookie accounts is that it also can mean your bank account becomes cluttered with constant deposits and withdrawals (hopefully more of the latter!). It can also be a slow and sometimes costly exercise to constantly use your debit and credit cards for betting.

Keeping track of your betting performance also becomes that much harder when its muddled in with your Council Tax and Tesco food shopping bills…plus of course, potential issues when it comes to explaining your betting activity to outsiders.

Indeed, a few years ago, I had a heck of a job convincing my Mortgage company as to why there was so much money coming in from the likes of Ladbrokes and Bet365 in my bank account! Thankfully they saw more coming in than going out, but it was the final time I used my current account for betting I can tell you.

An Easy Solution For Gamblers

There is one easy solution to all of this for keen gamblers – which is in the form of digital wallets (or e-wallet) services such as those offered by companies such as Skrill (formerly known as Moneybookers). Continue reading