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We are continuing our big betting giveaway today with the release of our FREE 2013/14 Season Fink Tank Football System to all who want a copy!

This profitable system has been given a major update over the close season and now features details on its performance over all 4 English Leagues dating back 5 seasons. In all, we have examined over 10,000 games and uncovered numerous ways you can use it to make a serious profit.

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Why This Free Football System Is So Good!

The Fink Tank System specialises in picking out the best value bets for every set of football games in England by using some freely available football ratings and converting them into odds.

Since the start of the 2008/09 season, it has made a profit of £4,805.00 from 891 bets in the English Premier League alone…who says you can’t make money in this league!??

It’s not just the English top flight where it excels because as you go down the football pyramid, it has also made significant profit in League 2 (the old Division 4). Once again at £50 stakes, this is as much as £6,875.00 from 917 bets since the 2008/09 season.

Get the full rules for this free system right away in our Fink Tank Guide. Access your free copy via this link:


Want More? 2 Further Ways To Beat The Bookies This Season

If this Free Fink Tank Guide interests you then there are 2 more ways that you can follow it to a more advanced level – giving you even more chances to beat the bookie!

1) Access 6 More ‘Advanced’ Fink Tank Systems With An SBC Membership

The Free Football Guide Download above will reveal to you the rules behind the Basic Fink Tank Football System and just how to use it to find excellent value football tips each week.

Yet if you want to take this to the next level and are looking for further help in identifying the best value bets each week, then we also recommend the 6 Advanced Fink Tank systems available to all Smart Betting Club members.

Take for example the Win Value 15 System, which has made a profit of £2,847.00 at just £10 stakes in the past 5 seasons. Up that to £25 and £50 stakes and the profit is as high as £14,235.00!

You can find full details on each of these 6 Advanced Systems, how you can follow them yourself plus a lot more besides in the Full Fink Tank System Guide – available only to full Smart Betting Club members.

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2) Follow A Selection of Tips FREE Via Our Facebook Page

This season we will be posting up free tips as selected from the 6 Advanced Fink Tank Systems exclusively on the Smart Betting Club Facebook page.

Last season we made £278.50 Profit At £25 Stakes from only 92 bets – highlighting the massive profits on offer via the Fink Tank System.

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