Our Big Free Betting Report Giveaway!

Ask any bookmaker what kind of punter scares them the most and they will often tell you ‘its the ones who know what they are doing’. They love taking bets off drunk hen and stag do parties on a day at the races, but start to show a bit of nous when placing your bets and they will get twitchier than Harry Redknapp at a bird-watching conference.

Therefore the more we know and understand about betting the greater our chance of ultimate victory and profits actually are.

Whether its following a great betting system (like our Fink Tank football system),  learning from expert gamblers on the secrets behind their success or knowing who the best (and worst) tipsters actually are… it can all make a difference to the dream of betting profitably.

So to help you achieve this goal, we are giving away 5 of our best free betting reports from the past 12 months for you to explore.

Within them you can find everything from How to bet on Live Football Matches to Expert Gambler Interviews and Free Profitable Tipster Reviews to help you in this profitable betting goal.

Each of the 5 free reports is available in PDF format and yours to share with whoever you so please. (But whatever you do…don’t tell your bookie!)


1) ‘FREE’ Tipster Report

First off we have a ‘Free’ Tipster Report to share which features our independent expert reviews of a couple of notable free tipsters we uncovered recently. What’s not to like about a free tipster making a profit? Nothing of course…unless you’re a bookie!

Download it by clicking this link (opens up a PDF file)

2) Expert Gambler Interview Report

One way to advance your betting knowledge is to learn from the experts. Those who have been there and bought the t-shirt when it comes to making large sums of cash betting.

This ‘Expert Gambler’ Report features 4 of our recent interviews with prominent expert gamblers on how they make their betting pay.

Download it by clicking this link (opens up a PDF file)

3) Best Tipster Guide Report

SBC has been independently reviewing betting services since May 2006 and during that time we have uncovered a ton of great tipsters. To celebrate our recent 7 year anniversary we put together a Best Tipster Guide featuring new reviews of the 7 best that we have uncovered during this time.

This free report features a full review of 1 of those 7 best tipsters plus details on how much money they can make you betting.

Download it by clicking this link (opens up a PDF file)

4) SBC Free Magazine

We keep on top of what’s fresh in the betting and tipster world with our regular SBC Magazines, which feature hot new tipster reviews and expert strategies and systems.

To give you a taster we have put together a free magazine featuring a Q and A with an ex-bookmaker, a focus on live football betting and 3 more tipster reviews.

Download it by clicking this link (opens up a PDF file)

5) Racing Post Report

Here at SBC we keep diligent records of profit and loss on hundreds of tipsters and systems and this free report tackles the performance of the Racing Post’s football ‘experts’.
Are their tips worth following and if so, who are the experts making the most profit? Check out this free report to find out more…

Download it by clicking this link (opens up a PDF file)


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