SBC Podcast #53🎧 Anthony Kaminskas of AK Bets on his new online bookmaking website and doing things differently

Following my fascinating chat with David Lovell of DragonBet last week, the latest Smart Betting Club Podcast sees another ‘poacher turned gamekeeper’ join me for an interview.

Anthony Kaminskas has done it all. Cashiering in bookmaker shops, trading at the sharp end for Paddy Power and pro-punting with specialisms in multiple sports.

His bookmaking venture, AK Bets, started life in the form of pitches across Irish racecourses and Anthony stood out from the crowd immediately by introducing his own way of doing things.

Now, he has expanded into the online betting market with and he has big plans to shake that market up too…

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Note: The YouTube link is a full video feed featuring Anthony in his AKBets office as he chats to me!


In this episode, Anthony and I discuss:

  • The challenges of launching an independent bookmaker online.
  • The process of building the site, ‘White Labelling’ and the struggles that AK faces day-to-day as he tries to prioritise different plans that he has for the site
  • Anthony’s motivations and where he feels that he can out-do the industry’s ‘big boys’.
  • Criticisms that he has faced on social media for outsourcing certain website functions.
  • Plans for pricing at AK Bets and how this is a work in progress.
  • How AK Bets sacrifices concessions such as BOG in order to stand bets and trade with customers fairly.
  • Customers who aren’t welcome at AK Bets and behaviours that will result in restrictions or account closures.
  • How ‘smart money’ is more than welcome – even if it costs the business money.
  • How personal service and honest conversations with customers (both good & bad) are at the centre of how AK Bets will operate.
  • Casino products and why they are hosted on the site.
  • Anthony’s plans for the future.

Anthony was a brilliant guest and his outlook can provide something of value for anyone looking to profit from their betting.

If you would like to learn more about AK Bets, or if you want to open account with this independent firm, then you can do so by visiting


Our last two SBC Podcast guests both run independent bookmakers and here at the SBC we have been doing lots of work to profile firms like DragonBet and AK Bets, detailing what they can offer smart bettors.

A profile of both of these firms (and other likeminded bookmakers) is available on our regularly updated Independent Bookmaker page, providing a comprehensive summary of the different options available with these lesser known firms.

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