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Tick…Tock…The clock is ticking if you are keen to take up our unique offer to enjoy 3 FREE 1-month tipster trials throughout the whole of June.

And because the 3 tipsters on offer are of such high quality, I am keen for you to enjoy this offer as it will provide a fantastic launch-pad into the world of making money betting on horse racing.

For those of you who may have missed our announcement of this offer last week, here is a quick re-cap on what is on offer.

How To Bag Your 3 Free Tipster Trials During June

Anyone who signs-up for either a Smart Betting Club Gold or Platinum membership by Midnight on Sunday the 31st May will also enjoy a free trial during the month of June to 3 top tipsters.

This deal would cost you £193 if you were to join all 3 of these tipsters yourself for 1 month – yet is available as a special FREE BONUS to anyone who signs up now.

There are no hidden costs or small-print to worry about – simply sign-up today for your SBC membership (Gold or Platinum) and come the 1st June, we will kick-start your free trial with each of the 3 tipsters.

More On The 3 Tipsters…

To help showcase just how powerful these free trials are, last week I shared details on who each of them are and just why we rate them so highly here at SBC. You can read that article here or simply check out the profit figures for each long-term as copied below!

TIPSTER 1: Northern Monkey Punter

Northern monkey

TIPSTER 2: Morning Value Service

Morning Value Service

TIPSTER 3: James Boyle Racing.

James Boyle Service
Both the first 2 tipsters (Northern Monkey & Morning Value) are Hall of Fame rated, meaning they are highly recommended by us personally at SBC, whilst James Boyle is next-up on the SBC review radar.

All 3 are highly profitable long-term and much in demand amongst Smart Betting Club members so this really does represent an excellent starting point for anyone new to the world of successful betting.

Enjoy All The Benefits Of An SBC Membership

As well as these 3 FREE 1-month trials, as a member of the Smart Betting Club you will also enjoy a series of other fantastic benefits including…

  • Full access to all SBC Magazines for the next 12 months
  • Full access to all SBC Tipster Profit Reports for the next 12 months
  • Full access to our 9 year back catalogue of Magazines & Tipster Profit Reports, featuring hundreds of tipsters reviewed and strategies for making money
  • Full access to several profitable tipsters via the SBC Forum
  • Massive savings on many popular tipsters via the SBC Discount Club
  • A 30-day money back guarantee if not happy with your membership (Gold & Platinum only)
  • Plus several fantastic bonus systems & guides to help your betting

Everything we do is geared towards making you as much money betting as possible, so if yet to take the plunge, why not sign-up before Midnight this Sunday the 31st May and see how we can help you.

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The Bluffers Guide To The Weekend Acca

How To Bluff Your Way To Sports Betting Profits

Top tips to improve your betting profits, impress your friends and bluff your way to professional betting.

Betting can be a social activity, with groups of friends sharing the exploits of their weekend accumulator or lumping on in the final race of the day during a beer fuelled day of the races.

Professional betting can at times feel the opposite of this. It can be a lonely affair for the dedicated punter who updates his spreadsheets and tries to keep a level head and ignore the more emotional aspects of betting.

So how do you balance a professional approach with not feeling like a stick in the mud?

How To Bluff The Weekend Acca

The weekend coupon is a bookmaker’s bread and butter. For many groups and sports teams across the country, the simplicity of ticking numerous teams on the coupon is a bit of fun and like the lottery offers the chance of a big pay-off from a small initial stake.


A typical weekend coupon

The problem is that, like the lottery, the weekend acca is stacked heavily against you. By offering such easy betting, the bookie often offers poor odds. By taking multiple bad bets, you’re multiplying the poor value and therefore the likelihood of you earning money in the long run.

So how can you play the weekend acca and keep your betting sanity?

Good Acca v Bad Acca

Few professional punters play weekend accumulators, but there is a way to stick to your rules and even increase the chance of that unlikely jackpot.

It of course comes down to choosing the right bets. Taking multiple bad bets will multiply your poor value, but taking multiple good bets will increase your value exponentially. This is not exactly rocket science as the summary below explains:

Bad Acca: Backing five short priced teams because “they’ll win” and the combined odds are more attractive than the individual odds.

Good Acca: Backing five or more teams at various odds because their odds are bigger than they should be, not just because you think they are ‘bankers’.

You’re not aiming for that particular acca to always win, you’re aiming to win money in the long run.


Finding The Right Bets Part

So how do we source the right bets? Using one of the recommended tipsters that we proof in the Smart Betting Club is a great place to source such bets, especially using our bespoke combo method. If you’re on a budget though, there are some good free options available.


Decision Technology’s ‘Fink Tank’ System

One option is to utilise the excellent FREE Fink Tank ratings made available via Decision Technology.

Here’s how to spot the big value bets:

1) The ratings display an estimated probability of an outcome such as Aston Villa to win at 44.7%.

2)  To convert percentages into odds, take 100 and divide it by the percentage.

3) 100 divided by 44.7 is 2.37.

4) So the ratings are saying that the odds should be 2.37, but you can get 2.47.

5) Result! Aston Villa is a value bet!

You then repeat the process for all the outcomes – you can get the full methodology free here. It’s all free, but can be time consuming, so to save you the bother, we provide weekly value qualifiers on our member’s forum.

We also identify Asian Handicap value bets, with our AH+15 Value system providing a 100% return this season to date.

In fact one member recently landed a 58/1 six fold by backing the selections! Now that’s a good acca strategy!

Get more details on the SBC Fink Tank System here.

More Ways To Find The Right Bets

If the Fink Tank method sounds too complicated or if you want even more ideas, then there are some other options we’d recommend.

Twitter Accounts To follow:

The excellent Pinnacle Sports recently put together a neat summary of the best soccer/ football Twitter accounts to follow for your football betting. Here’s a quick summary:

  • @InfostradaLive
  • @OptaJoe
  • @SimonGleave

Get the full list of recommended Twitter accounts here

One account not mentioned is @footballformlabs who put up some excellent analysis on Twitter and in their weekly newsletter. Picking out some of their recommended bets from the free email is a neat way to shortlist your bets for the weekend. You can sign up to their free email here.


Football Myths & How To Avoid Them

Another way to avoid making a bad weekend acca is to avoid following one of football’s many myths.

The more that radio talk show hosts bang on about myths like ‘bogey teams’, the more you can be sure that the idea of a bogey teams is another football myth.

football myth

Avoiding Football myths can help your betting

To help you avoid making bad accas and improve your betting in general, here are some of the most common football myths you should avoid following:

  • Myth #1 Premier League Derbies Are Dirty Affairs: Actually the Premier League is the cleanest of all of Europe’s top divisions and there is on average just one more booking point per game compared to the Premier League average!
  • Myth #2 Mid Week Champions League Fixtures Hurt Team Form: There is no significant difference in top team’s performances on the weekend after a mid-week Champions League game.
  • Myth #3 The Existence Of Home Specialists: Are some teams massively better at home (or away) because they are a home (away) specialist? Nope! Home teams generally perform better than away teams, but any team over performing in the short term will just revert back to normal eventually. For example, in 2006/07 Liverpool, having gained 95% of their total points at Anfield in the opening 12 games, finished with an unremarkable 59% of their total points coming from home matches.
  • Myth #4 There Are Bogey Sides: When a team goes on an extended run against a rival in head to head games, we’re often quick to label them a bogey team. Yet in the long run, these patterns are just random. Backing the bogey team because they’ve won all five of the last meetings will not increase your betting profits and may cause you to lose money.
  • Myth #5 The Returning Gaffer Curse: Do managers returning to their old clubs hold an unfair disadvantage? You guessed it, nope!

By avoiding making your betting decisions based on what the talking heads are saying, you stand a better chance of making your betting pay. Ok you might come unstuck sometimes and your friends following the myths will have a chuckle, but in the long run you should be the one laughing all the way to the bank (or bookmaker withdrawal screen!)

In Summary – Good Luck

Successful betting is a long term game and with patience, playing the weekend acca can be a profitable angle.

Whether you continue to play the multiples to keep one over on your friends or a way to achieve the occasional jackpot we hope this guide has been useful.

For more ways to improve your betting profits, visit the Smart Betting Club today for reviews of the best tipsters, free tips and professional betting guides


More Profits From This Football System & 2 Free Racing Tipsters

This week we update the latest profits from the Fink Tank football betting strategy & 2 exclusive-to-SBC Racing Tipsters unveiled…

Our core mission at the Smart Betting Club is to give our members the best data on tipster performance and help punters sort the wheat from the chaff.

However, over the years we’ve uncovered some valuable betting information and like to offer these as bonuses to reward our loyal members.

One of these bonuses is access to our forum where you’ll gain access to some great FREE tipping threads from members and experts – including these two racing tipsters, ‘Greeneye’ and ‘Badrinath’ who have great records as follows:

  • Greeneye: During his first 12 months tipping on the forum, this racing tipster expert has made a 8.34% Return on Investment from over 300 tips posted for free.
  • Badinath: This well-connected tipster has been posting free racing tips on our forum since October 2014 with over a 10% ROI from his first 400+ bets..

You can follow the tips from both Greeneye and Badrinath either by logging into our forum each day or by requesting them for free via email (only available to Full SBC members only)

Fink Tank Results 2014/15

If Football is more your thing, then you can also follow the bets from our Fink Tank Football System on the SBC Forum each week.

It’s based around the excellent Fink Tank Football ratings, but with the added benefit of our detailed research into various strategies you can use to pinpoint value bets. Here are the results for our four key Fink Tank strategies so far this season:


ROI = Profit divided by total stakes | ROC = Profit on initial bank.

As you can see, three of the four methods are pulling in a profit this season, with the only loss being close to break even. The big hitter so far is our AH Value 15 Strategy, which has returned a 67% Return on Capital so far, or put another way – a £1,000 starting bank would now be worth £1,666.00 excluding the benefits of compounding.

Not bad for a free system! It would have paid for your SBC subscription many times over!

These results are encouraging, but they do also reveal two key lessons that we can learn from this season.


Lesson #1: One Season Does Not Maketh The System

The historical results for the AH value 15 system show that this season is no flash in the pan – if anything it is doing even better than it has in the past.

Here are the results for the system from the past six full seasons:


First you’ll note that last season made a small loss. Had we taken a very short term view of things we might have thought that this system was past its best and put it out to pasture liking an aging Premier League striker.

Thankfully we have been able to take a long term view because we’re wary of a key lesson in football betting – One season does not maketh a system.

313 bets may sound a lot, but in football betting, it really isn’t. You need thousands of bets before you can really start to say if something is working or not.

The system works by picking out value, which usually (but not always) means the underdog. But in some seasons the underdog bites more than others. Some seasons the top teams steamroller the opposition, while in others they give something back. There’s no telling in advance what kind of football season you’re going to have which is why you need to see a football system and a football strategy over the fullness of time, not one snapshot!

Lesson #2: Asian Handicap Is Great…But

You won’t be surprised to learn that the AH value system uses Asian Handicap for its betting, while the Win Value systems use straight forward match odds.

There are some pros and cons to this as the historical summaries for each system show:


Asian Handicap betting means you can cover the draw more, with less frustration over those ‘near misses’. Maybe you fancy Leicester to beat Man City and they’re available at big odds.

If you use match odds, then you’re waiting on the big shock result, but if you use Asian Handicap, Leicester could still draw and you might get a result.

The downside is that the odds are much lower with Asian Handicap, you’re not going to land a big 15/1 or even 20/1 outsider that could see your results dramatically rocket higher. Nothing beats that feeling…except the feeling of steady profits that Asian Handicap betting can provide.

You might notice that whilst the win systems have a higher ROI (less betting required to make your profits), the ROC is lower. The upshot is that because Asian Handicap smoothes out your betting returns, you can stake more per bet than when betting win only.

This means the difference between a £3,556 profit if betting on the win 15 system, compared to £5,533.00 using the Asian 15 system. OK you might miss those big winners, but I know what position I’d prefer to be in!

Follow These 3 Free Tipsters Free With SBC

You can follow all 3 of these free tipsters (The Fink Tank Football System plus ‘Badrinath’ & ‘Greeneye’ Racing Tipsters) with a full SBC membership.

All 3 tipsters post their tips up on our members forum for free, plus both Badrinath & Greeneye also email you their tips.


Exclusive 1% Smarkets Low Commission Deal

I am always on the look-out for anything that can help punters increase their betting profits, so today I am delighted to reveal details on a unique low commission deal now available with the betting exchange – Smarkets – exclusively available to SBC readers & members.

Instead of their usual 2% rate, anyone opening a new account with Smarkets via our exclusive SBC link can now enjoy a special low 1% commission rate on bets placed during your first 2 weeks. This is in addition to the £10 welcome bonus available once you deposit and bet £20.

The standard commission for Smarkets stands at an already low 2% on all winnings, yet I asked them to do something special for Smart Betting Club readers & members keen to try them out. The result – this 2 week exclusive 1% commission deal, which is only available with us.

To take advantage – simply click this special SBC link and open an account with Smarkets. The lower 1% commission rate will automatically be applied for the first 14 days after opening an account.

Why Use Smarkets?

I get approached by a lot of bookies asking me to promote their services and the vast majority of them are either after losing gamblers and are simply wasting my time. When they find out that the majority of SBC members are winners, they quickly run a mile.

Smarkets are different as not only do they offer great value odds in a range of betting markets, but as an exchange, they actively welcome winners and offer a real alternative to those of you looking for a replacement for the likes of Pinnacle Sports.

I have used Smarkets for my own betting for several months and have been impressed by the value odds I have been able to achieve plus the service on offer. Bets have been settled quickly and any deposits/withdrawals made with no fuss.

The fact they are willing to offer this special low commission deal also sets them aside from all the usual tired bookmaker suspects.

Smarkets Markets

Smarkets cover a whole range of markets including Horse Racing, Football (lower league and European) plus other sports such as Tennis, Rugby & Golf.

Back in October I also conducted an in-depth interview with them to find out more on exactly what it is they offer. Read this here.

To take advantage of this offer, click this special SBC link and open an account with Smarkets. The lower 1% commission will automatically be applied to your account for the first 14 days

Sign up to Smarkets now and you’ll receive………

  • 1% commission on all markets in your first two weeks
  • Industry leading 2% commission (on winnings only) after that
  • £10 refund on losses after you’ve deposited and wagered £20 (or currency equivalent)


How One Punter Joined the Successful Few

In yesterday’s blog we detailed how our members are bucking the punting trend, with 83.61% making a profit in 2014. Missed it?
Check out yesterday’s blog here.

But just how are the Smart Betting Club membership so successful, when traditionally just 2% of the punting public supposedly making a profit?

We believe success comes down to the three key benefits of a Smart Betting Club membership:

  1.  Information: Our members have the latest information on winning tipsters and profitable strategies.
  2.  Education: We help our members learn to become a pro punter, as well as offering specific advice on issues such as getting your bets on as you become successful.
  3.  Support: We’re on hand to help with your questions and guide you on your punting journey.

As an example of the sort of articles you can expect, here’s an extract from a previous piece written by an SBC member and professional punter:

The Evolution of a Profitable Punter

What do you do if you’re following a racing tipster that provides each way selections?

An each way bet, being two separate wagers, should hold value for both the win part of the bet and the place part. Trouble is, the odds offered by an Exchange for the place are often considerably shorter than those you would get if placing the bet through a bookmaker. Taking a long term view, I have to confess that the idea of not securing value on what essentially is a large proportion of my bets troubles me, and it should bother you too.

As ever though, there is always more than one way of skinning a cat. Allow me to use my experience with [tipster revealed to SBC members] service to explain.

After taking guidance from the tipster, I settled last season on a strategy that involved the placement of in-running lays on the bets I struck using Betfair. I would stick the lay in somewhere just above the 2.0 level, meaning that if the horse looked like it had a 50%+ chance of winning, my lay would be matched and an equalised profit returned, regardless of whether or not the horse went on to win (you’d be surprised how many horses go odds on in running but don’t cross the line first).

Here are the official [tipster revealed to SBC members] results from the last two seasons. The first set of figures quoted are the official figures gained by using bookmakers…

Total staked: 236.25pts

Total profit: 69.66pts

Total ROI: 29.48%

And now using the strategy of using in-running lays as discussed…

Total staked 236.25pts

Total profit: 83.08pts

Total ROI: 35.16%.

Season 2012/13 was a quite spectacular one for the in-running lay strategy, running at an overall ROI of 63%, which I can’t imagine is anything other than a bit of an anomaly and certainly not to be treated as the norm.

More Tipsters – More Expert Advice – Bigger Profits

Not only do SBC members get access to the latest lists of profitable tipsters, we also show you how to use them and how to make even more profits!

In the above article, the author shows you how to squeeze out some extra profits using Exchanges as an alternative to Best Odds Guaranteed promotions that bookmakers may remove as you become successful.

All part of our quest to Inform, Educate & Support you on your way to profitable betting.

The great news is that all of this is available for the equivalent of just £1.85 per week and if choosing either Gold or Platinum membership – comes with a full 30-day money back guarantee if not in any way satisfied once you have joined.

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How 83.61% Of Members Made A Profit In 2014

I imagine you’ve seen a few headlines like this over the years

“Lucky Punter Wins £1,000,000 from a Fiver!”

These sort of once in a lifetime jackpots are actually great advertising for the bookies and are usually initiated by their well-oiled PR machines. It makes the everyday punter believe and keep lumping their beer money on their weekend accumulator.

But the truth is that overall, just around 2% of all punters make money consistently.

The bookies love weekend ‘acca’ man because they make up the majority of the punting public, but there is a small community of punters where this statistic is turned on its head.

Instead of 2% of punters making a profit, here at the Smart Betting Club, 83.61% of our members responding to a recent survey told us that they made money betting in 2014!

That’s nearly as many as 4 out of 5 voting members which compares very nicely to the 2% or 1 out of 50 in the non-SBC world!


Not only did the majority of respondents state that they make money, the proportion of happy punters has also increased by more than 5% from when we asked the very same question last year.

We’re not just talking a few pennies either.

Not only did our survey respondents tell us they made a profit, they also revealed how much they made.


The vast majority of those making a profit made more than £1,000, with more than 15% of respondents making more than £10,000!

Not bad for the effective daily cost of just 26p to be a member of the Smart Betting Club.

Why Not 100%?

As much as we would love every single one of our members to make a profit, let’s be realistic. Not everyone is going to make it work. We give you all the tools you need to make a profit, but it still comes down to your discipline, perseverance and yes, a little bit of luck.

All these results were based on a straight-forward poll where we asked SBC members to honestly answer just how their betting fared last year. Each member could only vote once and no incentives were offered for answers to ensure they were 100% fair and accurate.

The full results of this poll have been published in our 2015 Betting & Tipsters Award Report, where as a service we took the pulse of just how last year fared for our members.

Allow Us To Help You Betting

If you are keen to follow in the footsteps of some of our members and join the majority who win, then it’s a great time to join us at the Smart Betting Club.

This is because we are about to release the 91st edition of our magazine, featuring a highly profitable football ‘combo’ strategy, plus reviews of two highly promising tipsters that we have uncovered.

All of which is covered by our 30 day 100% risk-free money back guarantee if not satisfied after you join – now you can’t say fairer than that.

Why not try us today and chance your arm at making 2015 a successful year betting with our help.

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The Worst Bookmakers Revealed (As Voted For By You)

Your votes are in for the worst bookie award….here are the results!

Wednesday saw the release of our 2015 Tipster & Betting Awards Report, which features the lowdown on the very best tipsters and betting experts across a variety of categories as voted for by Smart Betting Club members.

However, this year for the very first time we also opened up a number of categories to the public vote, including that of the worst bookmaker, which proved to be an extremely competitive category indeed!

Not all bookmakers are created equally and these awards provide us with the opportunity to shame those rated the worst. Whether it is offering poor value odds, shoddy customer service or simply not letting you get your full stakes on – you voted in your droves.

So without further ado, here are the results for the worst bookmaker category as voted for by YOU!


Stan James Take A Bow!

This was a hugely competitive award with votes spread very evenly across a wide cross-section of bookmakers, helping to neatly showcase the general disregard felt for many nominees.

Top of the spot this time out, just as they were last year was Stan James with 17.3% of the popular vote, which suggests this under pressure company has a lot to do to win back favour with many punters. After all – it takes a certain type of bookmaker to claim the wooden spoon prize two years on the bounce!

Not far behind was the often woeful Boylesports with 14.9% whilst Coral climbed from 6th spot last year to win the Bronze award with 13.6% of all votes.

Creditable mentions must also go to Bet Victor and Betfred who each notched over 10% of all votes. The trio of Skybet, Betway & SportingBet also attracted the ire of several punters with a further 22.5% between them to round things off.

So there we have it – Stan James is this year’s recipient of our Worst Bookmaker Award. We somehow doubt they will be using our magnificent Wooden Spoon Gold banner on their homepage anytime soon though!


Why Rating Bookies Is So Important

As well as allowing us to poke fun at some of the worst culprits, this award does have a serious side to it.

First of all – the simple knowledge of which bookmakers are rated the worst can help you work out just who to avoid betting with.

Secondly there are also very few (if any) resources or websites you can visit these days where you can find an independent take on the best and worst bookmakers. Our report aims to help fill that gap.

This honesty void when it comes to bookies is often because many in the betting media rely upon bookmaker advertising to keep them going – and let’s face it – they are not going to bite the hand that feeds them.

Thankfully, due to our unique model of being funded by our members (and not bookmakers), this does allow us at the Smart Betting Club to speak openly and honestly about what’s really going on.


Access The Full Awards Report

If interested in reading more on this topic, you can access our full 2015 Awards Report as a Smart Betting Club member, in which you can find…

  • The very best tipsters as voted for by SBC members including the Best Racing, Sports & Overall Tipster awards (Gold, Silver & Bronze awards for each)
  • The very best Free Tipster as voted for by SBC members (Gold, Silver & Bronze awards)
  • SBC members 2014 ‘Betting Hero’ (The person that inspired them the most last year)
  • The best bookmakers as voted for by both SBC members and the general public
  • The best betting website as voted by both SBC members and the general public
  • Plus the full stats on the fact that 83.61% of SBC members made a profit last year from their betting.

All available to you the instant you sign-up as a Smart Betting Club member.

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Vote In The 2014 SBC Awards & Win Free Membership

Help Reward (& Condemn) The Best & Worst Bookmakers And Best Betting Website PLUS Win The Chance Of A Free Years SBC Membership!

Voting has now opened for SBC’s 2014 Tipster & Betting Awards, and for the first time ever we have opened up a number of categories to the public vote.

You can now vote in the following categories:

Best Bookmaker In 2014
Worst Bookmaker In 2014
Best Betting Website In 2014

To vote simply click here – it should take no more than 30 seconds of your time!

Why You Should Vote!

There are a couple of reasons why voting is important, least of all the fact that everyone that does will also enter a special prize draw to win a free years SBC membership.

Beyond this prize though, these awards are your chance to both reward and berate the best and worst bookmakers out there.

We will be publishing the results from the awards in early 2015 and handing out special rosettes to the winners (although surprisingly last year’s winner of the worst bookmaker award – Stan James were not too keen on receiving theirs!)

This year you can also vote for your favourite betting website – to help highlight just who you rate as offering the most helpful online resource.

Cast your vote now

Free Pro Punter Bookmaker Report

Speaking of bookmakers – make sure you read our latest free report released this week, namely our ‘Pro Bookmaker Report’, which looks at how you can get better betting odds from 3 lesser-know bookies.

Not only do all 3 offer competitive odds, low margins and free bets for signing-up but they also welcome winners. Not something you can say for all!

You can access this free report via the SBC Free Membership Area. Register now for free!


Free To All: 2 Tipster Reviews In New SBC Report

To help showcase how the Smart Betting Club can help your betting – today we have released a new FREE sample magazine featuring reviews of 2 very profitable tipsters…

Within this free sample issue you can read our full and original reviews for each of these tipsters (1 horse racing & 1 football tipster) as published earlier in 2014.

The horse racing tipster featured has made a phenomenal profit of exactly 18,254 points profit at a ROI of 11.74% dating all the way back to 2007 and so is certainly worth reading all about!

Not only this but you can also read one of our recent Practical Punter Reports – which feature the real-life betting experiences of one member and his ongoing quest to make money betting.

All of which is available to you with a Free Smart Betting Club membership.

Sign-up now and gain instant access to this free sample magazine and 4 other expert betting reports



4 ‘Hidden’ SBC Tipsters & Systems Worth Following

Hidden amongst the betting magazines and tipster reports that we publish are a collection of expert tipsters and systems that you might not realise are available free to Smart Betting Club members.

Very often these free tips are a great way to get started on your profitable betting journey with us – whether it is daily racing trades or using our football system, its a easy, effective way to start bashing the bookies!

So to help reveal more on this, below are 4 of the very best hidden ‘free tipsters & systems’ currently available to Smart Betting Club members…

1. Fink Tank Football System: +24 pts profit. 17.5% ROI

Each week we post up on our members forum, the latest qualifiers from our in-house football system – the ‘Fink Tank’. There are 4 different sub-systems you can choose from with the best this season – the ‘Asian Handicap Value 20’. From its first 137 bets since August, it has made a profit of 24 pts at a ROI of 17.5%.

For those of you interested in bank growth or ‘Return on Capital’ – this equates to a 79.9% increase on your betting bank since August.

Dating this system back to 2008/09 – it has made a further 128 pts profit at a ROI of 7.5% from 1718 bets so this is certainly no flash in the pan.

2. Momentum Trades: +£3,257.96 profit from 323 trades.

Worth £24.99 a month – this expert racing trading service is now free to all Platinum SBC members until the end of January 2015.

Momentum Trading is a simple method whereby you back early and lay late to lock in profit from trading on racing and since it began it has made over £3000 profit!

3. Sandy’s All Weather Tips: +271.64 pts profit. 670 bets. 35% ROI

On the 15th January 2014, SBC member – Sandy starting posting his all-weather racing tips on our Forum and since then he has racked up a phenomenal 271 pts profit at a ROI of 35%!

His tipping thread has proven to be one of the most popular ever on our forum, with over 50,000 visits!

We agreed a deal with Sandy to make them available for free throughout the whole of 2014 to SBC members only, so grab the final few weeks free with him whilst you can.

4. Badrinath’s Racing Tips: +33.88 pts profit. 194 bets. 16% ROI

Badrinath is a well connected racing expert, who has agreed to post his regular tips on the SBC Forum for the foreseeable future. He has got off to an excellent start with a 16% ROI from his first 194 bets and given his pedigree, we only expect this to continue.

All of the above free tips & systems are available to you as a Smart Betting Club member

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