Free Trials: 2 Profitable Tipsters For All New SBC Members

Back at the end of last month, you may recall a special SBC offer, whereby anyone who joined our service during the final week of May would enjoy a 1-month free trial with 3 top racing tipsters for the whole of June. This was a unique deal to help celebrate the ongoing Horse Racing Bookie Apocalypse that has been a feature of recent SBC reports.

…And the great news is that with 29 days of betting down for June already – 2 of the 3 tipsters have made absolutely outstanding profits this month (with the 3rd showing a small loss) so anyone signing-up at the end of May will have enjoyed a very successful start to their SBC membership.

To put this into numbers – the best tipster in June has made a 49 pt profit from 46 pts staked(That’s a 106% ROI!!), whilst the second best tipster is up 13.90 pts profit from 102 pts staked (14% ROI). The 3rd service has made a small loss of just -13.8 points at a ROI of -2.10% only. Overall if following all 3 tipsters for free, June would have been very profitable indeed.

But this email isn’t to simply rub your nose in it for missing out on this offer – far from it!

Because we have agreed another deal with the 2 most profitable tipsters in June to run a very similar free trial offer for anyone joining SBC between NOW and Midnight this Sunday the 5th July.

That’s right – simply subscribe to SBC before this deadline and you can enjoy the free trials as detailed below from these 2 top tipsters (Plus not forgetting that you will also enjoy all the many benefits available to you as a Smart Betting Club member on top!).

Tipster Profit Report May 2015SBC #93 - June 2015


Your 2 Free Tipster Trials….

Free 1 Month Trial With James Boyle Racing.

James has kindly agreed to extend his offer so that anyone who signs up between now and Midnight on the 5th July will enjoy a free 1-month trial of his excellent service. This trial will begin on Monday the 6th July for exactly 1 month.

Alongside a long-term record in excess of 24% ROI from 1100 bets since 2011, in June alone, James is the tipster who made a 49 pt profit from just 46 pts staked. That equates to an ROI of 106%.

What makes this performance even more special is that earlier in June, he actually was admitted to hospital to have his appendix urgently removed. Like a real trooper, James missed just 4 days of tipping and since his return (minus appendix) he has been firing winners in left, right and centre. This makes sense as the Flat is James’s real speciality, so its a great time to start following him.

Free 2 Week Trial With Northern Monkey Punter.

Northern Monkey is without doubt one of the most popular racing tipsters amongst SBC members and it’s easy to see why.  It’s a supremely easy to follow service with first class customer service, all of which combined with the 11.3% ROI generated since February 2010 on their bets, makes it a firm SBC member favourite.

Given its popularity, we have negotiated an extra special long-term offer whereby any SBC member can enjoy a free 2 week trial of this service at anytime whatsoever. There is no time deadline on taking up this offer as if forms part of our Tipster Savings set of benefits whereby SBC members can enjoy free trials and exclusive discounts on many top tipsters.

However, given the fact this is a service in excellent form, many of you may want to take up the free trial during July and strike while the iron is hot!

PLUS Exclusive Savings (Coming V.Soon) Morning Value Service.

Whilst the final tipster that formed part of our offer last month (Morning Value) was not able to repeat the profits in June (making a small 13 pt loss at around -2% ROI), they do at least have a fantastic record dating back to 2011 of 1700 pts profit at a shade of just under 10% ROI. They might not have hit their usual heights in June yet it won’t be long before they are back in the winning groove.

They will not be repeating their one-month trial option this month, but we are shortly due to announce an extra special discount on this service for SBC members only.

Grab Your 2 Free Trials.

So there you have it – 2 fantastic racing tipster services, both of whom you can follow for free courtesy of this extra special SBC offer.

Both of them have made excellent profits during June and most importantly longer-term and are a must for anyone keen to start making more money betting on horse-racing.

To qualify for these free trials, simply sign-up for either a Gold or Platinum Smart Betting Club membership today.

Don’t forget either that if signing-up before Midnight this Sunday the 5th July, you will get the free 1 month trial with James Boyle Racing.

There are no hidden costs or small-print to worry about – simply sign-up today for your SBC membership (Gold or Platinum) and we will do the rest.

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