The Horse Racing ‘Bookie Apocalypse’ Continues…

The Horse Racing Bookmaker Apocalypse continues today with the release of the very latest Smart Betting Club Magazine (Issue 93), featuring yet more expertise to help grow YOUR betting profits.

If you have yet to make money betting on horse racing (or indeed you are looking for more help to improve existing profits) then the 3 major features in SBC 93 will assist you in this quest in a huge way!

This latest magazine accompanies Part 1 of our Bookie Apocalypse (May’s Tipster Profit Report) which detailed several top racing tipsters tearing the bookmakers apart.

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SBC #93 - June 2015

What’s Inside The Latest SBC Mag: 

More Betting Expert Secrets Revealed!

Read our in-depth Interview with SBC members’ favourite racing tipster in our latest ‘How I Make Money Betting’ feature.

Exclusive Review 1): The full-time racing tipster with 484% bank growth in 15 months

Read Our Incisive & Independent analysis on this top expert.

Exclusive Review 2): The flat racing expert up 23.3% ROI from over 1000 bets.

Plus how you can get 6 months for free in an exclusive SBC members-only deal.

SBC 93 Magazine


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