Can you transform your betting with in-running lays?

We all know that betting on horses can bring rich rewards.  The best tipsters, and we review and monitor most of them, can give your betting a massive boost providing ROI levels of 15-20%+. 

But even the best tipsters have spells when they find the going tough.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could find a way in which we could soften the blow of the losing runs when they come along?   And what if we could discover a method or strategy that allows us to set smaller bank sizes for the services we follow but not increase our exposure to risk by doing so?

We set our expert SBC analysts the task of achieving these aims, and after extensive research and data analysis, they have come back with a simple but powerfully effective tool to add to the bettor’s armoury.

Allow me to introduce to you, the power of…the in-running lay.

How the in-running lay can transform your betting.

Take a look at the following table taken from our latest betting magazine SBC93, released this week:


These figures relate to a highly promising horse racing service that we put through the paces whilst compiling our in-depth review.

We used a bank of 200 points for the purpose of simply backing each bet win only and allowing it to run without further intervention.

We used a 100 point bank to see what would have happened had we placed a lay at Betfair odds of 2.5 in-running on each of the 929 selections, the lay being for half of the potential profit should the horse win it’s race.

Immediately we can see a much improved strike rate of 30.8% when using in-running lays, compared to just 13.7% without.


That is a massive difference when it comes to subscriber experience.  A 30.8% strike rate means much shorter losing runs than those you’d experience with a strike rate of 13.7%.

Perhaps the most interesting fact however, is that the ROC is only slightly lower at 69.9%, and that’s if only utilising our fairly crude banks of 100 and 200 points.  The in-running lays have lost us a little bit of our Return On Capital, but they have provided us with a much smoother ride to profit.

SBC 93 Magazine

Alternative methods for using in-running lays

We kept this initial study deliberately simple. Over the summer, we will be analysing the data to work out exactly where the optimum price is for setting the in-running lay, and the optimum strategy.

When our studies are complete, we will be in a position to answer the following essential questions that any serious bettor should be asking:

  • What are the optimum prices to set our in-running lays at?
  • How can we maximise our betting banks?
  • What is the optimum amount to win back with our lays?

The usefulness of these findings is not limited only to the service we have reviewed in SBC93.  The same principles can be applied to any of the top horse racing tipsters with services performing consistently at the very top of our performance league tables.

I can tell you from personal experience too, that there is more than one way to skin the in-running cat.  I have previously adopted a strategy with a top performing National Hunt racing expert that involved placing an in-running lay at 1.5 to ensure I made a portion of profit, even if the horse went on to lose.  And believe me when I say that it is not at all unusual for a horse to reach that price and still not win it’s race!

That’s the beauty of using in-running lays – you can make them do almost anything you want them to.  Return your stake, ensure a profit no matter what once matched, use different pricing levels, etc., etc.

Where they can be extremely useful is for those who are restricted to using Betfair for their racing action as a consequence of the high street bookies having closed all accounts.  It is well known that the Each Way and Place markets on Betfair frequently lack liquidity, and as a result the prices often represent poor value.  Well, it’s perfectly viable to use a lay to return an amount equivalent to that you would receive from the place part of an each way bet, and will do so simply if the horse looks like it might win.

So, it could well be that if you’re not using in-running lays when backing horses on Betfair, you’re missing out.  Certainly we at the SBC will be exploring this valuable angle further and feeding back all findings to our members in the very near future.

And that is what the SBC is all about…finding angles, services, and strategies that lead to big profits for our members.  We see ourselves at war with the bookies, and it’s vital we stay one step ahead of the old enemy.

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