How To Make £5,226 In 7 Months From These 4 Tipsters

There is no getting away from it – 2015 has thus far been an outstandingly profitable year for betting on horse racing, especially for those SBC members following some of the top racing tipsters we recommend.

Evidence of this can be found in our extra special ‘Racing Tipster Profit Report’ released earlier this week, which contains the full results details for 29 of the very best racing tipsters that proof their advice to us.

All 29 have been reviewed in-depth by our team of experts at various points over the past 9 years, with 11 of them achieving a much sought-after ‘Hall of Fame’ award for their tipping prowess!

Tipster Profit Report August 2015

…And so to help illustrate the kind of profits these top tipsters are making, I wanted to share some key stats on just 4 of the 29 based on their 2015 record to date, including 1 that provides tips for free. Each of the 4 have great long-term records but have really stepped it up a notch this year with a combined profit of £5,226 AFTER fees.

This profit figure is based on using a £2000 Betting Bank for each tipster which I have used below to illustrate just how much real-world profit you would have made with them in 2015. Needless to say, you don’t need £2000 to get started (far from it) but it is a good comparison figure to work from – if you would prefer to follow with a £500 bank for example, simply divide the figures by 4.

2015 Top Racing Tipster #1 – Key Stats

Performance: 400 bets, 808 pts staked, 156.6 pts profit @ 19.4% ROI
Betting Bank Growth: 125.3%
£2000 Betting Bank Profit: £2506

Cost:  £49.97 for 1 month, £139.97 for 3 months and £399.97 for 1 year
SBC Member Cost: £120 for 3 months.

Tipster Notes: Since 2014, this tipster has made an eye-watering betting bank growth of 360% – making him one of the best for Return On Capital. £2000 invested on the 1st January 2014 would now have grown to £9,200 over this period.

2015 Top Racing Tipster #2 – Key Stats

Performance: 204 bets, 193 pts staked, 49.5 pts profit @ 25.6% ROI
Betting Bank Growth: 82.5%
£2000 Betting Bank Profit: £1650.00

Cost: Free
SBC Member Cost: Free as the wind!

Tipster Notes: One of the most in-form tipsters we currently track, having made a profit in each of the last 6 months of at least 20% ROI.

2015 Top Racing Tipster #3 – Key Stats

Performance:112 bets, 59.3 pts staked, 12 pts profit @ 20.3% ROI
Betting Bank Growth: 40.04%
£2000 Betting Bank Profit: £800.80

Cost: £77.95 for 3 months, £197 for 1 year and £377.95 for lifetime membership
SBC Member Cost: 20% discount across all membership terms

Tipster Notes: One of the longest-running tipsters out there, this service started out in July 2006 and has made a 951% bank growth figure in 9 years.

2015 Top Racing Tipster #4 – Key Stats

Performance: 369 bets, 1016 pts staked, 262.4 pts profit @ 25.8% ROI
Betting Bank Growth: 75%

£2000 Betting Bank Profit: £1500.00
Cost:  400 Euros for 3 months OR 400 Euros until an 80 pt profit target is reached (average stake per bet is 3 points)
SBC Member Cost: Same as above – no discount available

Tipster Notes: Another red-hot tipster having made 227 pts profit in the last 3 months alone at a ROI of 46.2%!! Also remarkably consistent having posted a profit in 17 of the last 22 months. Given the higher cost of this service, it is one for larger staking punters


£6506 Profit From All 4 Tipsters Combined

If running 4 different £2000 betting banks for each tipster (a total of £8000), for 2015 alone you would be sitting on a return of £6456.80 from the first 7 months of the year.

Even taking into account tipster fees for all 4 so far of around £1280 (although this may work out at considerably less if using the SBC member discounts), you still have a clear profit of £5226 to show for your work.

Ever mindful of the need to take into account tipster subscription fees, you can also find in our Racing Tipster Profit Report a comparative table outlining the total profits for each service AFTER fees have been deducted. Helping you weigh up the best racing tipster for you!

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