More Profits From This Football System & 2 Free Racing Tipsters

This week we update the latest profits from the Fink Tank football betting strategy & 2 exclusive-to-SBC Racing Tipsters unveiled…

Our core mission at the Smart Betting Club is to give our members the best data on tipster performance and help punters sort the wheat from the chaff.

However, over the years we’ve uncovered some valuable betting information and like to offer these as bonuses to reward our loyal members.

One of these bonuses is access to our forum where you’ll gain access to some great FREE tipping threads from members and experts – including these two racing tipsters, ‘Greeneye’ and ‘Badrinath’ who have great records as follows:

  • Greeneye: During his first 12 months tipping on the forum, this racing tipster expert has made a 8.34% Return on Investment from over 300 tips posted for free.
  • Badinath: This well-connected tipster has been posting free racing tips on our forum since October 2014 with over a 10% ROI from his first 400+ bets..

You can follow the tips from both Greeneye and Badrinath either by logging into our forum each day or by requesting them for free via email (only available to Full SBC members only)

Fink Tank Results 2014/15

If Football is more your thing, then you can also follow the bets from our Fink Tank Football System on the SBC Forum each week.

It’s based around the excellent Fink Tank Football ratings, but with the added benefit of our detailed research into various strategies you can use to pinpoint value bets. Here are the results for our four key Fink Tank strategies so far this season:


ROI = Profit divided by total stakes | ROC = Profit on initial bank.

As you can see, three of the four methods are pulling in a profit this season, with the only loss being close to break even. The big hitter so far is our AH Value 15 Strategy, which has returned a 67% Return on Capital so far, or put another way – a £1,000 starting bank would now be worth £1,666.00 excluding the benefits of compounding.

Not bad for a free system! It would have paid for your SBC subscription many times over!

These results are encouraging, but they do also reveal two key lessons that we can learn from this season.


Lesson #1: One Season Does Not Maketh The System

The historical results for the AH value 15 system show that this season is no flash in the pan – if anything it is doing even better than it has in the past.

Here are the results for the system from the past six full seasons:


First you’ll note that last season made a small loss. Had we taken a very short term view of things we might have thought that this system was past its best and put it out to pasture liking an aging Premier League striker.

Thankfully we have been able to take a long term view because we’re wary of a key lesson in football betting – One season does not maketh a system.

313 bets may sound a lot, but in football betting, it really isn’t. You need thousands of bets before you can really start to say if something is working or not.

The system works by picking out value, which usually (but not always) means the underdog. But in some seasons the underdog bites more than others. Some seasons the top teams steamroller the opposition, while in others they give something back. There’s no telling in advance what kind of football season you’re going to have which is why you need to see a football system and a football strategy over the fullness of time, not one snapshot!

Lesson #2: Asian Handicap Is Great…But

You won’t be surprised to learn that the AH value system uses Asian Handicap for its betting, while the Win Value systems use straight forward match odds.

There are some pros and cons to this as the historical summaries for each system show:


Asian Handicap betting means you can cover the draw more, with less frustration over those ‘near misses’. Maybe you fancy Leicester to beat Man City and they’re available at big odds.

If you use match odds, then you’re waiting on the big shock result, but if you use Asian Handicap, Leicester could still draw and you might get a result.

The downside is that the odds are much lower with Asian Handicap, you’re not going to land a big 15/1 or even 20/1 outsider that could see your results dramatically rocket higher. Nothing beats that feeling…except the feeling of steady profits that Asian Handicap betting can provide.

You might notice that whilst the win systems have a higher ROI (less betting required to make your profits), the ROC is lower. The upshot is that because Asian Handicap smoothes out your betting returns, you can stake more per bet than when betting win only.

This means the difference between a £3,556 profit if betting on the win 15 system, compared to £5,533.00 using the Asian 15 system. OK you might miss those big winners, but I know what position I’d prefer to be in!

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