Duplicate Tips: Better Or Worse?

If you follow more than 1 tipster or system, what should you do when you get duplicate tips… Should you stake normally, double up or ignore them?

It’s a common dilemma for anyone who has an active portfolio of betting tipsters or systems, especially those that tip in the same league.

If tipster A tips up Stoke to beat United, then tipster B does the same, is this a confirmation of value, or will you simply be doubling your risk by backing Stoke twice?

In our latest edition of the Smart Betting Club magazine, we published part two of our ‘Combo Tipster’ method which answered the duplication question with a resounding thumbs up. Not only are duplicate tips a positive signal, it can be extremely profitable to ONLY back duplicate tips.

Combo Betting Boost:

The Smart Betting Club tracks dozens of profitable sports tipsters, which means we’re in the unique position to test what happens when those tipster send out duplicate tips. To keep the test manageable we’ve focused on the four best football experts that we track.

Let’s taken an example from the weekend of the 10th of January. First here were your results if you backed each tipster individually, sometimes duplicating tips.

Combined records: 

•Bets: 26
•Profit: +2.8 points
•ROI: 11%

Pretty good, but what if we ONLY backed tips that were duplicated?

Betting on Combos ONLY:

•Bets: 11
•Profit: +3.69 points
•ROI: 34%

Not only does this dramatically reduce our work load, it also increases our profits. Of course this is just one weekend, but it backs up our complete analysis which goes back many seasons.

Part one of our tipster combo series showed you exactly which services to follow. The great news is that one of these sources is the completely FREE Fink Tank Football ratings. Even better news is that you can get these qualifiers highlighted as part of your Smart Betting Club membership.

This month we’ve gone one step further and shown you HOW to follow the tipster combo method…


So we know that focusing on duplicate tips can be an incredibly powerful strategy, but just how should we make use of this?

Should we…

•Ignore all ‘single’ bets?
•Bet double or even treble on duplicate tips?

Before we answer this, we need to know if multiple duplications will increase profits over a single duplication. Or put simply – is it better when three or more tipsters back the same bet instead of just one? Or do you get diminishing returns?

Combo Tipster Returns:


What this graph tells us is that when more tipsters back a bet, it’s even more likely to be profitable. In fact, the bulk of our combo tipster returns come from when three or more tipsters agree on something.

So great minds do indeed think alike, but what strategies can we used to follow these duplicates?

In this month’s article we share four possible methods as follows:


So how do these strategies pan out?


** Betting banks were calculated using our in-house “calculator”, based on large-scale simulations. Banks for system B and D are larger to accommodate the increased staking on multiple qualifiers. ROC is our measure of your profit in relation to your betting bank. 

Unsurprisingly, the strategies that increase your staking for multiplier combinations perform the best in ROI terms, but these will naturally reduce your number of bets and therefore your raw profit.

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