The Top 9 Betting Articles From The Past 12 Months

Today for a bit of a walk down memory lane, I have rounded up our 9 most popular blog articles and emails from the last 12 months.

Whether it’s unveiling the 3 worst bookmakers (as rated by you), my biggest winner of the year or revealing some of the lies in the tipping world, there is plenty to re-visit especially if you missed them first time around!

So without further ado, here is your top 9 from the past year:

1. Your 3 Worst Bookmakers From 2015

Perhaps no surprise to see this article lead the way – as we reveal the worst bookmakers as voted by you from 2015. Recommended reading – unless of course you work for Boylesports or Stan James!

2. My Simple 77/1 Winning Bet Strategy

This simple strategy turned £10 into £778.20 (view my betslip) and it’s a very simple idea that can help maximise your profits if following good tipsters.

3. Free Report: How Rowan Made 64.4% ROC With Tipsters

SBC writer, Rowan explains how he made 64.4% Return On Capital (AKA Betting Bank Growth) in 2015 by following his select group of tipsters. That’s 10k into 16.4k – not bad work if you can get it (and all tax free in the UK).

4. Your 5-Point ‘Bet-Fit’ Profitable Plan For 2016

Penned in January for those looking to turn New Year Resolutions about betting success into reality – the advice in this 5 point profitable plan ring true at any time of year.

Awesome Foursome - SBC97

5. Compound Staking: Turn £1565 into £2968 With This Simple Plan

How you can increase your profits by using some simple ‘Compound Staking’ methods – in this article we explain the 4 different ways to profit from just 1 tipster.

6. Why We Act Irrationally When Bets Lose

We all hate losing runs but at times there is no escaping them – therefore learning how to handle them and how to ride them out is key to betting success. This article explains a few of our tips on coping during a bad period.

7. Don’t Fall For These Tipster Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics

It’s not just politicians who play fast and loose with numbers but some tipsters do. Learn how to see through the BS and examine the tipster statistics that really matter!

8. Exploding The Myth: Making Money Backing 1/4 Shots

Can’t make money betting at short odds? Think again as in this article we explore the tipster doing exactly that and the benefits of betting odds-on.

9. Case Study: How To Analyse A Tipster

A few tricks of the trade from the SBC team on exactly how we review any tipster. Learn how to spot the good, bad and ugly from a mile away.

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