My Simple 77/1 Winning Bet Strategy

One of the common questions I invariably get asked when discussing my job is ‘What’s your biggest winning bet’?

Usually, I struggle to recall a huge winning bet as most of my winners come at ‘normal’ prices but this week I picked up a 77/1 winning bet (more about this later on) which has inspired my column today.

This big winner was based on a simple ‘multiple’ betting strategy I have adopted for some-time and one which I feel many other punters might also benefit from. Allow me to explain…

Comparing Single & Double Bet Value

Firstly, I want to set the scene with some mythical fixtures and prices to compare the profits from both single and double bets.

For ease of explanation, let’s imagine that this weekend my beloved Everton are priced at evens (2.0) to beat Man Utd and Leicester are also evens (2.0) to beat Southampton. Effectively they are 50/50 shots.

Therefore, if you are able to get anything above 2.0 (evens) on those matches, then you’ve got a value bet and should make a profit in theory.

A quick check at the fictional odds available at the bookies shows that both Everton and Leicester are available at around 2.20 (6/5).

My options if I wanted to back both are as follows:

  • 2 Single Bets: Back Everton & Leicester at 2.20 as 2 single bets. Potential profit if both win: 2.40 points.
  • 1 Double Bet: Back Everton & Leicester at 2.20 as 1 double bet. Potential profit if both win: 3.84 points

As you can see the double bets will ultimately provide the greatest profit and long-term a 21% Return on Investment. This compares well with the 10% Return on Investment to be had simply backing single bets.

The main difference here comes in the strike-rate as the double bet will only win 1 in 4 times, compared to the 1 in 2 strike-rate the single bets have.

Ultimately it’s this strike-rate for success (50% for single bets vs. 25% double bets) that can make all the difference and really test your patience when doubling up.

The question to ask is if you’re willing to accept the risk of taking a longer losing run in exchange for higher profits?

Treble & Trixies

Whilst I draw the line at placing big accumulators I am also a fan of placing Treble bets or Trixie bets when you have 3 value selections.

It might be unlikely for a 10-fold accumulator to come in, yet it is more than reasonable to expect 3 bets to win or place (if placing an each way treble) every now and then.

For those of you looking to be even more creative, if you have 3 value tips, you might like to try a Trixie bet, which is actually 4 bets in 1: 3 doubles and 1 treble.

You needn’t risk huge stakes on such bets, but they are a nice way to compliment single bets you place and can often pay out big on the occasions they come in.

Which leads me back to my bet earlier this week, where one of my regular trixies came in at decent odds. I placed a £1.25 each way Trixie on 3 horses at 7/1, 9/2 & 4/1, which all duly came in. Thus my £10 staked became £778.20. Click here to see my betslip

Admittedly I got a little lucky as my 7/1 winner was uplifted to 14/1 – but even if paid out at the lower odds, it more than made up for any losses incurred by past losing trixies. As I usually bet them each way, very often I get a few place and wins to make a few quid back and tick me over until these big wins come in!

Bad Single Bets = Bad Multiple Bets

Before you rush off to place a whole series of multiple bets – it’s important to make clear that Doubles, Trebles & Trixies betting is only as good as the bets you are placing or the tipsters you are following who advise the tips.

If your bets don’t make a profit as a single, they won’t magically make a profit when bet as a multiple.

Many mug punters roll up short priced football bets in an attempt to push up their returns with no concept of value. This is why bookmakers sometimes love you betting on doubles and trebles – If not used correctly, they can multiply your losses as well as profits.

My own Trixie selections on the above winning bet were based on tips put forward by some of the high quality tipsters we work with here at the Smart Betting Club.

With access to a number of these tipsters, alongside placing all the single bets they put forward, it’s also sometimes worth the occasional multiple bet when the odds remain in your favour.

For those of you with the patience and foresight to ride the losses in anticipation of the winners when they come, it can add another string to your betting bow.

I do hope you have enjoyed my article today – hopefully its provided some food for thought and options for your betting moving forward.