Case Study: Why This Tipster Is So Highly Rated

Revealed: The Anatomy of a ‘Hall Of Fame’ tipster

Our aim at the Smart Betting Club is simple – to help you make money from your betting, whether it be for the first time ever or by increasing the profits you are already making.  One way (amongst many more) in which we can do this is by pointing you towards the best tipsters in the market, the ones who are proven to make long term profits.

What makes the best, the best?

If you were to sit down and think about what exactly you would want from a tipping service you would pay for, I would imagine your wish list would look something like this:

  • Excellent results – after all, you want to make money!
  • Proven over the long term – you don’t want to be investing in anything that might just be a flash in the pan with some lucky recent results that make them look good.
  • Affordable – big fees can eat into your profits in a big way!
  • Good explanations behind each bet – it’s always nice to know exactly why you’re putting your money down.
  • Odds availability – something that is massively important and often overlooked, you need to know that you can match the results the service is claiming.

We don’t feel that asking for the above is asking for too much!  But sadly, there are so many so called expert tipsters that fail to put a tick in these boxes.

The good news is, there are many that do…


A case study: Northern Monkey Punter

Northern Monkey Punter is a long time favourite of our members.  One of the elite Smart Betting Club Hall of Fame services, it was voted as Best Horse Racing Tipping Service and Best Overall Tipping Service (all sports) for 2016 in our annual member’s poll.  That’s quite a thing, but then when you consider it won both prizes in the 2015 vote too. Best of all, Northern Monkey offer ALL SBC members an anytime 2-week free trial of their service.

Why don’t we break NMP down?  That way, we’ll be able to see the anatomy of an SBC Hall of Fame tipster.

Long term success, a proven edge, low fees…

Although primarily a flat racing specialist, this year’s Cheltenham Festival witnessed Northern Monkey build quite the antepost portfolio.  It was clear that he had spent a huge number of hours analysing form, and the results for his subscribers were spectacular:

But remember what we were saying about not wanting to pay up to what might be a short term flash in the pan?  Well, Northern Monkey has been proofing his bets to us here at the SBC since 2010.  We have six years of proven results which have provided an excellent long term Return On Investment of 12%.

You might worry that such a successful tipster might be charging huge subscription fees, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Northern Monkey continually rides high in our “Best Low Cost Horse Racing Service” table that can be found in the SBC’s Tipster Profit Report, issued regularly to all members.

With all this plus every single bet Northern Monkey advises accompanied by a detailed rationale that explains why the horse is being tipped, you can see that all the boxes in our essential checklist of what makes a great service have been ticked.  That is, all apart from one – that of odds availability.

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Better Results Than The Tipster Himself?!?

We find, from our analysis, that there are certain tipping services that are only too happy to shout to the rooftops about their massive profits.  And it is often true that they did advise their members to back the winners they claim.

What they don’t tell you though is that the odds they’ve used to record their results are likely to have been completely unobtainable by the vast majority of their members.  If a tipster uses a standout price, being offered by just the one bookmaker, or perhaps two, it doesn’t take much before those odds are slashed as a flood of wagers suddenly hits that book.  A horse tipped at 6/1 can very easily be 7/2 just a minute or two after the tipster sent his email out, and this makes it impossible for you to get anywhere approaching the results boasted about in those flashy ads!

At the Smart Betting Club we take this issue very seriously.  When we review a tipster, we conduct a thorough analysis of odds movements at various time intervals after the bets have been released.  This means we can provide you with a true picture of exactly what level of profit you can reasonably expect to make, and not some pie in the sky figure you’re never going to get anywhere near.

In our latest Tipster Profit Report we showed members that Northern Monkey Punter’s odds recording policy is so fair that anyone who can place his bets within 15 minutes of receiving the email each day can reasonably expect to boost their ROI by a massive 4%!

To give that context, that’s an extra £578 per year profit to Northern Monkey’s own official results if working with a £2,000 bank.

Now, we can see that every box has been ticked.

If you are interested in the Northern Monkey Punter service, then all SBC members are welcome to take up an exclusive anytime 2-week trial of their service to sample what they offer. This is part of the unique Tipster Discounts & Deals we negotiate on behalf of our members (read more on them here)


Northern Monkey is a proud and long-standing member of our revered Hall of Fame tipping services, but is only one of a number of tipsters who meet our strict criteria.  As you have read, we put tipsters through many stringent tests before we include them on our list of the best tipsters in the industry.

You can find out who these tipsters are, and read all our analysis on each and every one of them, simply by signing up to the SBC today.  Best of all, you can sign up totally risk free due to our 30-day money back guarantee, so if you find that our service is not for you, then you can get a full refund.  This means you have everything to gain and nothing to lose in joining our exclusive club!

So if you are looking to find out who the very best tipsters are to follow and start making serious betting profits, then sign up for a Smart Betting Club membership today.