How much? £29,016 in 12 months from 15 tipsters

How Much Can You Make Betting?
 was the question we posed earlier this week, following the release of SBC’s latest Tipster Profit Report.

Judging by my inbox, it seems to have piqued plenty of interest with several enquires asking just how much can be made with the tipsters SBC recommends.

Therefore, to help explain, I thought I would share some of the profit tables published in this report with the 15 tipsters that made a combined £29,016 over the last 12 months.

To firstly set the scene – inside October’s report, you can find the latest results from 58 different tipsters proofed up to the end of September 2016.

Of those 58 tipsters, 23 of them hold what are termed ‘Hall of Fame’ ratings, which are those firmly recommended as worth following with your hard-earned!

It is these ‘Hall of Famers’ that form the nucleus of the tipsters that Smart Betting Club members follow and what lie behind the profits many of them are making.

Suggested Profits & Betting Banks

In each Tipster Profit Report, you can find ‘Suggested Profits’ tables, that help to outline the realistic profits that Hall of Fame tipsters are making.

These are based on ‘Suggested Betting Bank’ recommendations that indicate the profits you can make if following SBC’s betting bank advice. If you are not familiar with betting banks – check out this guide I wrote on them back in May.

Using these suggested betting banks, below you can read the EXACT profit figures from the 15 Hall of Fame-rated horse racing tipsters over the past 12 months.

It’s the third column you are looking for here (Profit to Suggested Bank – Fees) which highlight the profits each tipster has made (or lost) in the past year.

halloffameAs the information above is protected for full SBC members only,
I have removed the tipsters named and identified them as 1 through 15 for the purposes of this email.

The headline figure to watch out for here is the combined profit of £29,016 from all 15 of these tipsters as generated over the past 12 months.

The cost to make this sum? Just a £678 monthly outlay – a figure already deducted off the £29,016 profit tally.

Although we don’t expect anyone to follow all 15 tipsters, if you did, you would certainly have made a serious profit!

As per some of the other ratings included here…

Service Intensity details how much time a service will take out of your day to follow. A high intensity rating suggests a tipster that advises several tips every day vs. a low intensity tipster that might put up just 1 tip per day.

The Monthly Cost is the average subscription fee payable to the tipster for their advice and the start date is when they started out tipping. Finally, the SBC Trial or Discount column lists those tipsters either offering SBC members a preferential deal, be it a free-trial or exclusive saving of some-kind.

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3 Common Questions Answered

There is quite a lot of information in this table – so allow me to help unpack it all and answer 3 of the most common questions it throws up.

Question 1: Do you need to have the suggested betting bank sizes to follow these tipsters?

This quite rightly, is a common question many people ask as the suggested bank sizes range from £1500 up to £5000.

The answer is no – you can often follow these tipsters with smaller (or greater!) amounts if you prefer. They are merely a suggestion to help guide you.

For those tipsters that either charge more in subscription fees or for whom you require a large points betting bank, then you will most likely need a greater amount to invest to make it worth your while.

For those tipsters that are more affordable, for whom you require a smaller points betting bank OR who generate a lot of bets and therefore good Return on Capital, you can get away with a smaller suggested betting bank.

It is not a 100% exact science but these suggestions should hopefully provide a good outline at the very least.

It is also worth bearing in mind that if you’re starting off with only a small set amount of money, then some of the free or low-cost tipsters would be ideal for you.

Question 2: Why don’t all 15 tipsters make a profit?

It’s a fair question and the honest answer is that not every tipster is guaranteed to make a profit over every single rolling 12 month period.

All of them have made substantial profit figures long-term but the vagaries of luck and occasional bad-runs do mean there are always a few at any given-time that run at a 12 month deficit.

Would you believe me if I said all 15 were always in profit over every single 12 month period?

Probably not and you would be wise to be sceptical as this is just not how betting works.

Yes, the vast majority of tipsters we recommend make a profit, but there will always be a few enduring a bad run at any given moment.

To put this all in context, only 2 out of the 15 above (Tipsters 7 and 9) have posted a loss of over £350 this past year, yet both have excellent records long-term dating back to 2007 and 2011 respectively.

Both tipsters take a value betting approach with Tipster 7 particularly vulnerable to fluctuations in form, given as they back double-figure priced horses to win. It doesn’t take too many winners at 20/1 to change these figures – something we have seen repeated on a regular basis.

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Question 3: Which tipster should I choose?

Perhaps the most common question of all, although it is always difficult to isolate the right tipsters for every individual as so much relies on your personal circumstances.

To outline just why this is, consider the following situation a friend of mine finds himself in. He follows a number of Hall of Fame tipsters but is unable to follow Tipster 7 as they supply tips between 12.15pm and 1.15pm each day

His problem is that every Monday, Wednesday and Friday he goes to the gym, after which he sits down and enjoys a hearty protein-filled lunch. Therefore, 3 days a week he is away from his computer from around midday to 2.30pm. By the time he returns home on each of these 3 days, there is a good chance some of Tipster 7’s tips will have run OR that the odds on offer will have changed.

Ultimately Tipster 7 doesn’t fit into his lifestyle.

Instead, he follows the likes of Tipster 12 and 15 who supply tips earlier in the day, when he is able to get on with ease.

All of which is why as an SBC member, you gain access to all the detail and information you need to help choose the right tipster for you.

As a member, you can read incisive reviews of each tipster including advice on practicality of following (i.e. when and how they supply tips), odds availability and much more besides!

A Great Time To Get Started Punting For Profit

Hopefully today’s article has helped explain a little bit more about how the Smart Betting Club can help you make money from your betting.

As an SBC member, you are provided with everything you need to know about the best tipsters for you – those that continue to make money betting.

If you are keen to get started betting using some of the expert tipsters highlighted above, it’s currently a great time to sign-up with October’s Tipster Profit Report fresh off the press.

You can access this and a whole lot more besides the instant you sign-up for a Smart Betting Club membership. Best of all, you can do this and take advantage of our risk-free 90-day money back guarantee.

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