The Betfair SP ‘Hall of Famer’: 12.5% ROI From 2069 Bets

If I had to put a wish list together of what most people want in a tipster, it’s fair to say it would look a bit like this:

1. Proven record of profit over several years
2. Makes a profit at Betfair SP after 5% commission removed
3. Free or less than £10 a month subscription fee
4. Reliable, consistent and professionally run

Well, the good news is in the very latest Tipster Profit Report, I welcomed a tipster meeting all 4 of these criteria into the Smart Betting Club Hall of Fame.

This tipster has made 12.5% from 2069 bets since January 2014, ALL at Betfair SP minus 5% commission and costs just £7.49 a month to follow.

Sounds too good to be true? Indeed it does, but I can assure you, it is very much true!

Here’s a quick rundown of just why this tipster meets all the SBC criteria for recommendation…

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1. Proven record of profit over several years

The first thing I look for in any tipster is the ability to make a profit not just over a few weeks or months but long-term.

Usually this means at least 12 months of proofing, preferably more and a significant set of data to analyse.

In this instance, this tipster ticks all the boxes with a record of 2069 tips dating back to January 2014 and 518 points profit at a 12.5% Return on Investment.

Not only is this an excellent standard of profit, but is based on more than enough data to draw firm conclusions that this tipster knows what they’re doing.

After all, it would be night on impossible to fluke a profit over more than 2000 bets and nearly 3 years of tipping.

2. Makes a profit at Betfair SP after 5% commission removed

In today’s world of betting restrictions, those of you making too much profit, and attracting the wrong kind of bookmaker interest are looking for tipsters to follow at Betfair SP.

Certainly, it’s not easy for a tipster to achieve a profit at Betfair SP, but this is exactly what this service has achieved with all 518 points profit compiled to date.

What’s more, this total of 518 points is AFTER 5% commission has been individually deducted off every winner to cater for Betfair’s usual charge.

As the more you use Betfair, the greater your commission rate reduces, there is every chance you could improve on this return.

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3. Free or less than £10 a month subscription fee

Just as with many things in life, it doesn’t always follow that the more you pay for a tipster, the greater the profits you will make.

There are many high-class tipsters offering memberships for affordable fees, and this service is no different with a simple pricing structure of just £14.95 per month. Your first month with them also costs just £3.79 to help you test them out.

The even better news is that with access to the Smart Betting Club, you can enjoy a special ongoing 50% monthly discount on the cost of joining this tipster.

Your first month will cost just £3.79 and then each month thereafter just £7.49.

Over the course of 12 months, you would save as much as £89.52!

Which, I hasten to add, is more than enough to cover a year’s subscription to the Smart Betting Club…

4. Reliable, consistent and professionally run

This final point is often overlooked but it’s a vitally important factor. After all, if a tipster constantly forgets to send emails, misses out crucial information or just generally gives off an air of being run amateurishly, chances are you won’t follow them for long.

There is no doubt this tipster runs his service professionally, with a single tip email arriving like clockwork every day between 9 and 10am. Everything is very clearly laid out and it takes no more than a few minutes to follow each day.

Stakes are always a flat 2 point to win and as all bets are settled at Betfair SP, there is no odds or bookmaker advice – meaning no chasing a price.


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You can discover everything you need to know about this tipster, including an in-depth review of the service and how to save 50% on the cost of joining, with a Smart Betting Club membership.

The tipster was first reviewed back in SBC 96 from March 2016 and after impressing us in the intervening 7-month period, was upgraded into our Hall of Fame in the latest Tipster Profit Report.

The Hall of Fame is our list of highly recommended tipsters and is currently 23 tipsters strong.

Within it, you will find many more tipsters of the calibre of the one I have highlighted today – those that can help you make money from your betting.

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