Win some, lose some – but mostly winning. Real-life betting with tipsters blog

Win some, lose some – but mostly winning

That’s the subject line of the very latest post from our real-life betting blog ‘The Bet Diary‘ as our writer, Rowan, shared details on his recent experiences in following a series of tipsters.

And in many ways this sums up the life of a punter – especially as betting profits don’t always come in a straight line.

You might make £5,000 over a 3 month period, but it could be that you made a £500 loss in month 1, a £1000 profit in month 2 and a £4500 profit in month 3.

The type of pattern that can challenge most people when it comes to stickability with the tipsters you follow. Quit too soon and you often miss the benefits.

Here at the Smart Betting Club we fully recognise this challenge and its why we publish our weekly, real-life tipster blog ‘The Bet Diary‘.

Written by SBC’s Rowan Day, it details the practical realities of following tipsters to make money betting, the ups and downs and best of all – exactly how much he is making (and sometimes losing)

August is without doubt, proving to be a very profitable month for him with a 27.54% ROI from his tipster portfolio so far (read about this here) but it isn’t always like this.

So, if you are interested in learning more about his tipster porfolio, I invite you to read the Bet Diary. Updated weekly (usually on a Wednesday), you can also sign-up to receive it direct to your inbox each week – click here if you would like to receive this weekly email.

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