253.64 points profit in August for these ‘free tipsters’ – an ideal solution to get started betting professionally

It’s been a fantastic month for the Smart Betting Club’s ‘Free Tipster’ Group with a total of 253.64 points profit generated so far in August – highlighting once again how good these experts are to help you get started betting profitably and professionally.

Access to each of these tipsters is provided free of charge to all Smart Betting Club members and for as little as £27.99 per quarter you can gain full access to them (and the entire SBC service to boot) and see what all the fuss is about.

It’s an ideal solution for those of you not sure where to start OR wary about spending money on large tipster subscriptions. Providing you with ready to follow experts that have a proven record of making profits and all without breaking the bank.

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Free Tipster August Profits Rundown

You can view a full rundown on each free tipster and their recent and long-term results via this link: Free Tipster Results Spreadsheet

Simply click each tab to view the results for each tipster and see what they have achieved to date.

Highlights this month so far have been plentiful, with free golf tipster ‘PGA Profit’ leading the charge having made 150 points profit backing Patrick Reed in the Northern Open earlier this month (since when they have taken a short break and are returning the 9th September).

Our two racing tipsters have also fared well with a 9.38% ROI from Kieran and a 13.72% ROI from The Turf Buddy in August.

Football wise, our two tipsters (Inside Man & The Poacher) have returned with caution as form settles down for the new season, with The Poacher up 18.65% and 14.16% ROI (in-play) and The Inside Man showing a marginal loss on the month.

Below is a synopsis of the August & Long-term form for each tipster…

PGA Profits Golf Tips
August Profits: 150 points profit @ 212.77% ROI
Long-term Profits: 334.52 points profit @ 19.3% ROI

The Turf Buddy Racing Tips
August Profits: 93.28 points profit @ 13.72% ROI
Long-term Profits: 207.3 points profit @ 18.76% ROI

Kieran Ward’s Value Racing Tips
August Profits: 7.32 points profit @ 9.38% ROI
Long-term Profits: 1096.69 points profit @ 10.21% ROI

The Poacher Football Tips – PreMatch & In-Play
August Profits: 2.89 points profit @ 18.65% ROI
Long-term Profits: 11.36 points profit @ 5.78% ROI

In-Play (started end of March 2019)
August Profits: 1.41 points profit @ 14.16% ROI
Long-term Profits: -0.17 points loss @ -0.20% ROI

The Inside Man’s Football Tips
August Profits: -1.26 points loss @ -8% ROI
Long-term Profits: 9.37 points profit @ 7.39% ROI


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