SBC 2019 Awards – The Results Are In!

The results from the 2019 Smart Betting Club Awards – featuring details on who you voted for in 4 public voting categories: Best Betting Website, Best Betting Podcast, Best Bookmaker & Worst Bookmaker.

And as these Awards are based on your votes and with more than 3000 of you casting them in each category during December 2018, the results are widely representative of the best and worst of the betting world.

In particular – the Worst Bookmaker Award (AKA the ‘golden toilet’) is always hugely competitive and this year was no different with your votes spread closely amongst all 8 nominees with the worst firm polling only 10% more than the 8th ranked.

You can read the full rundown on the 4 public Awards and the winners now via the 2019 SBC Awards page.

Why These Awards Matter

Because these 4 categories are voted for by you – the general public, they are also truly representative of those in the betting world that are worthy of greater recognition and making a real difference to your punting.

Far too many award ceremonies at this time of year simply serve to recognise those companies with the biggest profile, deepest pockets and ultimately those making money at punters expense.

This is where the SBC Awards are different, because they are based on the Smart Betting Club ethos of helping ordinary punters make money betting.

They recognise those really helping you make ‘an edge betting’ whether it be in the information and resource they provide OR by simply offering you the best place to bet itself.

Through the Worst Bookmaker Award, we are not afraid to name and shame the bookmakers deserving of criticism, because lets face it – many still treat punters as second-class citizens, especially those with the temerity to want to make money betting.

You can read the full rundown on the 4 public Awards and the winners now via the 2019 SBC Awards page.

Read More Including ‘Best Tipster’ Winners In The Full Awards Report

For those of you interested in reading more on the 2019 SBC Awards, including who won the prizes for several ‘Best Tipster’ categories, you can access all of this with our special Awards Report.




Available only to Smart Betting Club members, it reveals:

  • The Best Horse Racing, Sports & Overall Tipster (Gold, Silver & Bronze winners)
  • The Best Free Tipster (Gold, Silver & Bronze winners)
  • The Best Tipster Newcomer (Gold, Silver & Bronze winners)
  • The Outstanding Contribution to Tipping Award (recognising some of the best tipsters and betting experts)
  • The lowdown on why 75% of SBC members made a profit last year from their betting.

If interested in reading this full SBC Awards Report, you can gain instant access with a Smart Betting Club membership – now available at the lowest ever prices for 2019.