A Tale Of 2 Free Tipsters: 278/1 & 200/1 Winners

It’s been a fantastic time for a number of the free tipsters we track and monitor here at the Smart Betting Club and today I wanted to highlight a couple of experts on fire at the moment.

After all it isn’t every day you pick up a winner at 200/1 on the Golf or at 278/1 Betfair SP horse racing is it? Here is the lowdown on 2 experts making the bookies pay at the minute:

Tipster 1: 200/1 Winner For Featured Golf Tipster

We recently put together an extra special ‘Free Tipster Report’ featuring interviews with 8 betting experts we had identified with profitable track-records.

One of these was the Golf & Rugby expert, Simon Mail who just last week picked up a massive 200/1 winner courtesy of Billy Hurley who won in last week’s Quicken Loans National golf tournament.


Simon puts up all of his advice on either his Twitter account or via his Betting.Betfair articles. This success is not a one-off either as he also highlighted recent winners at 45/1 (twice) & 40/1 in other tournaments.

If wanting to find out more – we have a full interview with Simon and 7 other free tipping experts for you to read in this special report available now to all SBC members.


Tipster 2: 278/1 Winner For Free SBC Forum Tipster

If you think a 200/1 winner is impressive, you will want to check out the 278/1 Betfair SP winner that SBC Forum Tipster ‘Sporting Interest’ put up just last week as well.

The horse in question was Quandary Peak and to back up this success, Sporting Interest also picked up two further winners at good prices (Commissioned (22.57) & Merhoob (7.52) on the very same day.

All told, since the 1st August 2015, they have made racked up 166 points profit from over 1000 bets and all at a ROI of 12.2%. They tip on a variety of sports – namely Racing, Football & Golf and have agreed to continue sharing all of their bets for free on the SBC Forum for members to enjoy until the 31st July 2016.

You can also read a full review and analysis on Sporting Interest in the latest SBC magazine – Issue 97.

The Best Tipster Guide - SBC

Looking For Good Free Tipsters? We Can Help

If you are interested in sourcing good quality free tipsters then the Smart Betting Club can help you.

As well as the two mentioned above, you can also find:

  • Interviews with 7 other tipsters in our special ‘Free Tipster Report’ released earlier this June 2016. Profitable across a variety of sports and betting markets – you are sure to find someone to interest you.
  • The free horse racing tipster with a fantastic record (11.1% ROI from 646 bets since 2013) as reviewed by us in SBC 97. Providing easy profits for just a few minutes work each day and from a proven expert source.
  • Several profitable tipsters all posting their tips for free on the SBC Forum for members to follow. Includes the following experts:

Chasemaster Racing Tips: This proven racing tipster has made a significant profit since 2008 and they have agreed to share all bets for free with SBC members until November 2016!
Since 2008 they have made a 12.2% ROI from 2779 bets from their expert ‘chase racing’ tips. They are also in great form with 89 points profit at 44.72% ROI from their last 6 months of tips (Correct as of June 2016).
As an SBC member you can pick up ALL of Chasemasters tips FREE via email or through access to the SBC members only forum.

Paceman’s ‘Short But Sweet’ Favourites: Another very popular racing tipster available to all SBC members is Paceman and his ‘Short but Sweet’ favourite tips. During his first year of tipping between May 2015 and May 2016, he generated a profit of 40.58 points at a ROI of 15.97% from 254 bets with a strike-rate of 45%. Who says you can’t make a profit backing favourites!!?
As an SBC member you can pick up ALL of Paceman’s tips FREE via email or through access to the SBC members only forum

Roosters Racing Tips: New to SBC members from June 2016 is the top racing tipster – Rooster Tips who joins us having made 37% ROI from 729 bets since January 2014.
As an SBC member you can pick up ALL of his tips FREE via access to the SBC members only forum

At any given moment there are dozens of tipping threads on the SBC Forum for you to check out, with many of them providing effectively free tips to go alongside your SBC membership!

Sign-up as a Smart Betting Club member today and gain instant access to our Forum and Expert Reports.

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