£3158 Into £15,690. Simple Ways The Best Tipster Guide Can Help

Yesterday saw the release of Part 2 of our 2016 Best Tipster Guide featuring the final section on 6 of the very best tipsters we have uncovered over the past decade.

So today to help showcase how these tipsters can help you, I want to delve a little deeper into one of the featured tipsters reviewed inside it and some of the findings we uncovered.

For example – how can a few simple staking tweaks turn a £3,158 profit into £15,690 through following one tipster? (And all from the same £1000 starting point)

As I will go onto reveal – there is so much more to reviewing a tipster rather than simply just examining whether they are any good or not.

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A Much Loved Football Tipster

First of all, let me set the scene as regards one of the tipsters we focus on in Part 2 of the Best Tipster Guide that I want to discuss today. It’s a well loved football service – which provides tips from 3 slightly different (yet ultimately profitable) betting systems.

As a subscriber to the service you receive the tips as generated by each of the systems throughout the English football season.

The results for all 3 systems have been fantastic long-term (hence why it was chosen for the Best Tipster Guide!) but there is a lot more to it than that…

The Type Of Bets That Generate The Most Profit

When examining any tipster its vitally important to observe exactly where they make a profit so as a punter you can understand where their edge lies.

One simple pattern we observed when examining this football tipster (as with most others it must be said) is the fact that their away bets are generally more profitable than home bets. AND if breaking home and away bets down to certain odds ranges – some clear profit patterns emerge as the following tables prove.

This first table concentrates on the performance of home tips both under and over 2.0 (evens). Although those under evens are profitable, the gains are fairly marginal.


Examining the away bets put forward by the tipster we also identified a trend whereby the better performance came from those priced at 2.75 (7/4) and above, which was responsible for the greatest return as the table below indicates.


This kind of analysis can help when following any tipster, whether it be the type of bets you want to concentrate on or stake more on – Or simply to help you understand where the tipsters edge actually lies.

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That Simple Tweak: Compounding Staking

I have spoken about compound staking on a number of occasions in the past (as here with this racing tipster) because when done right it can make a major difference to the profits you make.

Take one of the 3 systems provided by this football tipster – which has produced a 157.9 point profit at 5.8% ROI from 2739 bets over the course of the past 6 seasons.

This is an ideal service to consider for compound staking as it hits a high strike-rate (44.1%) and has generally performed very consistently over time.

So rather than simply staking the same amount on each and every bet over the course of any given season, a compound staking method (whereby your stake adjusts with the size of your betting bank) can work very well in this instance.

To prove the point – here is what would have happened if you had followed the service just using a £1000 betting bank all the way through (Effectively the amount you staked on each bet would have remained the same).

This approach would have made you a profit of £3,158 (315.8% Return on Capital) over the lifetime of the service. Good figures of course but they can be improved on.


For those of you looking to be a bit more creative, this next table illustrates what happens if you adjust the stakes after every 100 bets based on how much profit you have made. If following this method, your profit grows to £6,098 (609.8% Return on Capital) over the exact same number of bets.


And for those of you looking to be a bit more creative, we also have a couple of other suggestions – including what happens if you simply adjust your stake after each bet. Here your profit grows to as much as £8,821 (882.1% Return on Capital).


And finally the biggest profit actually came from adjusting your stakes at each point where your bank has grown by 25%. This method will have made a £15,690 profit (1569% Return on Capital)since inception.


The Biggest Bang For Your Betting Buck

Watch Your Losses: Max Drawdown

The keen-eyed amongst you will have noticed the ‘Max Drawdown’ figure for each of the tables above and this is a very important figure to consider before going overboard on Compound Staking.

This figure effectively tells you what the biggest drop will have been using each staking method during a bad losing run. So for example the Compound 25% method will have seen you finish up with £15,690 profit, but at one point you will have lost up to £8,207 during a bad run of form. That loss would have been in context and made up purely of the profit you had made but it does show how an aggressive staking plan works both ways.

It’s worth considering these sums as how you handle yourself during losing runs is a major test of any punter – no matter how experienced you are. And for those of you who think that losing runs won’t apply to you, think again as they always happen no matter how good you or the tipster you follow actually is… (And if you find someone who tells you they never suffer them – they are lying!)

More Professional Analysis In The Best Tipster Guide

I only have room to discuss these two findings as outlined in the Best Tipster Guide, yet there is lots more I could have shared.

For example – which is the best system of the 3 ideal for those of you keen to just choose 1?


What is the best and worst time to place your bets when following this tipster and why it can pay to wait until seconds before kick-off to achieve the best profits?

If interested in finding out more, you can do so with access to the full 2016 Best Tipster Guide as with Parts 1 and 2 now available, it includes detailed reviews on 6 top tipsters we have uncovered over the years.

Plus, to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Smart Betting Club in 2016, you can also save £16 on the cost of the Platinum ‘Pro Punter’ membership package.

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