Part 2 Of The 2016 Best Tipster Guide – Available Now!

Best Tipster Guide 2016 - SBC

After a long-time in development, we have today published Part 2 of our 2016 Best Tipster Guide, revealing yet more on the best betting experts to make you money betting.

Part 2 contains in-depth reviews and incisive analysis on another 2 top profit-making tipstersas independently monitored by the SBC team over the past 10 years.

With a further 4 tipsters already reviewed in Part 1 (which was released in January 2016) all told you can find out about 6 exceptional tipsters in total and how they can help make your betting pay.

The 2016 Best Tipster Guide is available via our revamped Platinum ‘Pro-Punter’ membership package – currently discounted by £16 as part of our 10-year anniversary celebrations. Subscribe now and gain instant access.

What’s Inside Part 2 Of The 2016 Best Tipster Guide

Here is a little bit more on the two tipsters featured in this latest release…

Tipster 1: The Football Tipster With 108.6 Points Profit at 12% ROI In The Last 4 Seasons

One of the very best tipsters we have monitored for some time is this fantastic football service, which provides tips as generated by 3 profitable systems.

The best performing system has a tremendous record – showcasing 108 points profit from 905 bets at 12% ROI over the past 4 seasons.

The other 2 football tipster systems have made 204 points profit from 3114 bets and 157.9 points profit from 2739 bets respectively.

Tipster 2:  The Racing Guru With 514.8 Points Profit In 7 Years

It takes a special tipster to make a profit 7 years on the bounce, but this is exactly what this racing guru has achieved – averaging 76 points profit each year since 2009!

In the last 2 full years (2014 and 2015), this tipster made 117 and 89 points profit at Return on Investment figures of 35% and 27% respectively. All of which is based on a very simple 1-bet-a-day strategy that has proven to last the test of time.

Also Available In Part 1 of the Best Tipster Guide:

Alongside both the above in-depth reviews, as a Platinum Pro-Punter member you can also access Part 1 of the Best Tipster Guide which includes:

  • Reviews of 4 further exceptional tipsters all with a proven track record of making money betting;
  • Incisive tipster analysis and reviews based on sound investment logic to help set you up for long-term betting success;
  • Real-life betting experiences from genuine punters who have followed these tipsters on the path to profit for several years;
  • Exclusive savings and membership offers – designed to help give you every possible advantage.

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Pro Gambler Betting Investment Expertise & Real-Life Experiences

Each of the 6 tipsters you can read about in the Best Tipster Guide have been scrutinised in great detail as part of the very incisive review process that the Smart Betting Club has become famous for.

Each tipster review we provide contains a huge amount of useful detail, all designed to help youmake the most from your betting including:

  • Detailed long-term results analysis based on several years experience following each tipster;
  • Professional betting bank and staking plan analysis to provide a stable platform to maximise success and reduce risk;
  • Losing run and winning run analysis based on our own betting results simulator, designed to identify areas of strength and weakness;
  • Odds availability analysis based on long-term results tracking to scrutinise how the advised prices any tipster puts forward moves;
  • Results sub-section analysis: For example, does a tipster perform better over the NH, AW or the Flat? Or at what odds range does a tipster perform better?

The reviews in the Best Tipster Guide have also been put together by members of the SBC review team who have personally followed each tipster as part of their own profitable betting quest.

Therefore, they are sharing their own real-life experiences based on a deep understanding of how each tipster works.

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The Best Tipster Guide 2016 from the Smart Betting Club