2015 Highlights: The Best Tipster Reviews, Free Tips & Expert Features…

Highlights Of 2015: Tipster Reviews, Free Tips & Expert Betting Features…

If you are looking to source the very best tipsters, learn from some of the shrewdest betting experts or follow genuinely good tips for free, then here at the Smart Betting Club we have plenty to help you.

This year alone we have published numerous winning tipster reviews, hosted several freeprofit-making tipping threads on our forum and penned countless expert articles all dedicated to helping improve your betting.

So much so, that today I want to share details on some of the highlights of what we have published in 2015. It isn’t an exhaustive list but more of a ‘best of the best’ in terms of how we have helped our members this year and how we can help you.

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Football & Racing Tipster Reviews Published In 2015

Firstly, here are some of the highlighted tipster reviews we have covered this year for traditional betting sports like Football & Horse Racing…
Access to all of these reviews is available to Silver, Gold & Platinum SBC subscribers
  • The Betfair based tipster up 464 points profit in the last 3 years alone
  • The racing expert with 332% bank growth from their first 12 months tipping (From 1760 bets)
  • The asian handicap football tipster with a 51% strike-rate and over 1800 points profit since 2009.
  • The highly recommended national hunt guru with a 35.8% ROI Since 2012 (Also profitable at Betfair SP!)
  • The profitable multi-sport tipster with an 81% strike-rate. Ideally suited if you’re a ‘restricted punter’.
  • The full-time racing tipster with 484% bank growth in 15 months.
  • The flat racing expert up 23.3% ROI from over 1000 bets.
  • The racing expert with 2.5X betting bank growth in the last 12 months alone.
  • The niche-market football tipster with 112% betting bank growth.
  • The racing tipster with high turnover profits – 214% bank growth in 14 months.
  • The football tipster with 120% profit from over/under goals betting since 2012.
  • The computer generated racing tipster profits – 200% bank growth in 6 months.
  • The big race specialist hitting 21% ROI from major meetings.


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Special Features & Expert Articles Published In 2015

We offer more than just tipster reviews. Below is a brief snapshot of some of the other highlighted features and expert articles published by us in 2015…

Access to all below is available to Silver, Gold & Platinum SBC subscribers

  • Our VPN Update on the latest software to help protect your betting identity.
  • Irish racing expert & author Kevin Blake discusses the secrets behind his punting success.
  • Q&A with SBC members’ favourite racing tipster as part of our ‘How I Make Money Betting’ feature.
  • The unique ‘Combo Tipster Report’ on how to improve your football betting profit by pooling advice from many popular tipsters.
  • Special analysis: When to place Asian Handicap bets… And when not to!
  • Fink Tank Football Guide – How to follow this profitable betting system during the 2015/16 season.
  • How To Get The Betting X Factor – A special report on how to win the battle of the betting mind.

US Sports Tipster Reviews Published In 2015

Access to all of these reviews is available to Platinum SBC subscribers

  • The NHL tipster with several profitable angles including ‘official’ picks with a 13.5% ROI and ‘basic’ selections up 10.6% ROI in the last 5 years.
  • The popular NBA tipster hitting 4.2% ROI long-term and averaging around 44% betting bank growth each season. Our review identifies a simple tweak that can almost double the ROI to 8.3%.
  • The NHL Tipster with a 246 pt profit (10.7% ROI) from 519 bets last season.
  • The basketball Expert with 12.4% ROI and 163% ROC from proofed results.
  • The time-served basketball tipster averaging 81% bank growth per season. 7000+ bets prove this is no fluke!
  • The ice-hockey guru with a 11.5% ROI from the past 2 years tips.
  • Plus – we also published 4 How-To-Bet-Guides for those of you new to US Sports for Baseball, Ice Hockey, American Football & Basketball.


US Sports ReportEssential Football Compendium55 Top Tipsters Rated, Reviewed & Ranked - SBCSBC 95 - EXPERT ADVICE TO HELP YOU BET & WIN

Profitable Tipsters On The SBC Forum In 2015

If you want free tips, SBC is the place to come thanks to the many profitable tipping threads exclusively available on our members forum. Here are some of the highlights of what was on offer this year (and in several cases still is) to SBC members…

Access to all below is available to Silver, Gold & Platinum SBC subscribers
  • Chris Patti continues to lead the way with his profitable Betfair SP tips. He ended November up 20.57% ROI from 220 tips – all of which continue to be supplied free to SBC members via the forum.
  • Paceman is making a fine profit from his short priced racing tips and since June, he has picked up 37.61 points at a ROI of 23.5% – all of which are continually available on the SBC Forum.
  • The Form Analyst also continues to share his profitable racing tips with all SBC members – his current record showcase a 50 pt profit at 6.32% ROI. He is more of a flat racing specialist so we are looking forward to next year with him.The following tipsters no longer post their tips for free on the forum, yet did so for a period of time during 2015 so is representative of what was on offer this year…
  • Jason James posted free tips for a full 4 1/2 month period, making a 162 pt profit at a ROI of 25.99% from 475 bets.
  • Throughout the whole of the 2014/15 season, we published every single Fink Tank bet on the forum for free. All 4 base Fink Tank systems made a fine profit with a 14.2% ROI from 299 bets for the ‘Win Value 15’.
  • The Mystery Tipster posted free racing tips on our forum between October 2014 and May 2015, producing a profit of 155 pts at an ROI of 19% from 750 bets.


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