Profitable Betfair Racing Tips (£2000 into £4,560 This Year Alone)


In recent months there has been a lot of discussion about the clear victimisation of punters making money betting especially when it comes to horse racing.

The recently formed Horse Racing Bettors Forum state it’s the number one issue punters raise with them, whilst I was also interviewed by the BBC on the topic as part of a recent 5 live investigation.

The goal therefore for many punters (and ourselves) is to find profitable tipsters that circumnavigate this problem – including those we can use on exchanges such as Betfair or Smarkets.

…And the good news is that in the latest SBC magazine, we reviewed a tipster that is doing just this – making a clear profit from advising tips to be backed on Betfair. Not just any profit either, but 464 points profit worth from nearly 4000 bets to boot!

Profitable Betfair Based Racing Tips

The service in question (which you can read full details on in SBC95) provides around 3-4 tips per day, all to be backed on Betfair. We have been tracking it closely since 2013 and have found clear evidence of a major profitable edge.

Below you can find the full performance summary of just how they have fared since inception:

P/L = Profit or Loss figures
ROI = Return on Investment
ROC = Return on Capital.

Some of you might sniff at the 5.9% ROI, but you would be wrong to do so. The key figure to look for here is the ROC or Return on Capital, which shows you how much money you could make from a starting point. For example, if achieving the 128% growth in 2015, a £2000 betting bank would now be worth £4,560. Significant profits from placing just 3-4 bets everyday on Betfair.

These figures deduct as standard 5% commission on all winning bets, which is Betfair’s standard tariff. If you are charged a lower commission by Betfair or if placing your bets with our recommend exchange – Smarkets, who deduct just 2% (or 1% if taking up our special offer) then your profits will increase further.

Smarkets Betting Exchange

Improved Profits If Waiting 15 Minutes

Of course the key question many of you will be rightly asking at this point is…

‘How realistic and achievable are the odds that this tipster advises?’

This is a very good point as all too often we come across tipsters that quote prices both on Betfair and elsewhere that are not realistic.

All of this is why we run detailed odds tracking on all the tipsters we review including this service.

In total we tracked the odds movement for 556 bets and logged how the advised odds compared to:

  • The odds 15 minutes after the tips were advised
  • The odds 60 minutes after the tips were advised
  • The odds at Betfair SP

This is what we found over the course of these 556 bets and the differences in average odds, profit/loss and ROI.

Effectively if placing your bets 15 minutes after they were advised, your profit actually IMPROVED by 1% ROI!!

What this told us is that not only were the advised odds realistic but as long as getting on within 15 minutes you would at least, if not better the claimed profits on offer.

3 Outstanding Tipsters Uncovered

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This kind of odds tracking is essential to understand just how realistic a tipster’s claimed profits actually are. We do if for every major tipster we review as we know how important it is.

If interested in reading more about the racing tipster featured above, you can find our full detailed review in SBC 95, which is available to download the instant you join us at the Smart Betting Club.

As well as the review, you can also save 50% on your first month’s membership with this service courtesy of the special Tipster Discounts we negotiate on our members’ behalf.

Instead of pocketing cash for writing our reviews of tipsters, we do it for free and pass on any ‘rewards’ we might enjoy to SBC members in the form of these discounts.

It’s just one reason why we are so different and on your side. We are here to help you make money betting…not the tipster or bookmaker!

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Best regards,

Peter Ling
SBC Editor