The Tipster Making £2,378 Annually From 16 Bets Per Month

If there is one thing we are known for at the Smart Betting Club it’s our Hall of Fame of the best tipsters to follow – effectively those proven to make you money betting.

Yet if you are like most people you will likely have 2 key questions you want answering before you start following the best tipsters…

1. How Much Money Will It Make You?
2. How Much Time Will It Take?

Allow me to quickly answer both questions and show you how easy and profitable it can be if following the right tipster, including how one tipster supplying just 16 bets a month makes an average profit of £2,378 a year.

Firstly – How Much Money Will These Tipsters Make You?

We have one very straight-forward way calculation to help you understand how much cash a tipster can make you. It’s something we call ‘Return on Capital’ or ROC for short (also known as betting bank growth by others).

ROC is a really simple measure that translates how much your money has grown in relation to its starting point. It is a simple percentage figure, which is very easy to calculate – even Robbie Savage could work it out!

Say for example you started following a football tipster with a £2000 betting bank last August and by May it has made a profit of £3000. Your ROC is the percentage increase, which in this instance is 150%. (£3000 / £2000 X 100).

It’s a great way of seeing exactly how much real-life money a tipster can make you.

5 Top ‘ROC’ Football Tipsters

We perform this calculation for each tipster we monitor and below you can find the top 5 footy tipsters (based on ‘betting bank’ profit from our SBC ratings):

Football Tipsters

We have removed their names as this is for full SBC members only, but you can see the average yearly % growth and how much profit you would make based on a £2000 starting bank.

The top rated tipster averages just over 119% growth on an annual basis, which to a £2000 bankindicates £2,380 profit!

Even the 5th best service will make you 70% growth – fantastic profits.

How Much Time Will It Take You?

If you don’t have much time to spare, then you will also want to know exactly how long you will need to spend placing bets each week.

So to help with this, here at SBC we also produce tables that showcase the easiest tipsters to follow– those that supply less than 20 bets on average per month.

Below are the results of our top 4 football tipsters who supply less than 20 bets a month – again outlined in terms of annual profit.

Football Tipsters 2

Even the tipster supplying nearly 16 bets in an average month makes an annual average profit of £2,378 (119% ROC). 

Drilling down further – Service 3 who supply just 9.5 bets in an average month will make you £1,211 profit from a £2000 bank (61% ROC). A fine return for such little work.

Only 30 Minutes A Week Needed To Get Started

Hopefully this article has helped to showcase how easy it is to profit if following the right tipsters, even if placing only a few bets each week.

In some occasions, all you need is a spare 30 minutes, therefore making it perfect for even the busiest punter.

All of the above tables and information are taken from our newly released 2013/14 Football Tipster Guide which is supplied free to all new SBC members.

We also report back every other month in our Tipster Profit Reports on a whole range of tipsters (55 at the last count) across other sports such as Horse Racing, Tennis, Golf & Darts.

Ensuring that whatever Sport you like to bet on – you can find an easy to follow tipster that has a proven record of making money betting.

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