Racing Profits Maximiser: Your Questions Answered

Last week we released our ground-breaking new report – the Racing Profit Maximiser, which judging by interest levels has caused quite a stir in the betting and tipster world!

Several of you have been in touch with questions as to how exactly it can help your betting so to help clarify all of this, I have tackled some of the most common queries below.

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What is the Racing Profit Maximiser?

The Racing Profit Maximiser (or RPM for short) is our examination of a simple strategy that can help you bet more efficiently on the best value horses. Enabling you to bet less and make more.

Put very simply, the RPM strategy evaluates what happened when 2 or more high quality tipsters put forward the very same tip on any given day.

The logic behind it all was simple – If 2 or more tipsters independently pick out the same horse as a bet, then it increases the value. You should then focus on or stake more on these ‘multiple’ tips.

So what did you find out?

To find out if this theory was accurate – we built up a database of 52,177 tips as put forward by 21 of the best tipster services we have proofed from the past 3 years.

Each of these tipsters has a long-standing profitable record of picking out good value racing tips.

We then isolated those bets put up by only 1 tipster and compared these results to the tips put up by 2 or more tipsters. The findings were stark with the ‘single tips’ making 11.9% ROI compared to 22.9% ROI for those which were ‘multiple’ tips.

So simply by focusing in on these ‘multiple’ tips you could make much more profit from a lot fewer bets. Or as some punters prefer to do – simply by staking more on them.

What happened when 2, 3 or 4 tipsters picked out the same horse…Did the profits increase?

Indeed, they did as there was a gradual increase in ROI dependent on whether 2, 3 or 4 tipsters independently picked out the same horse. The strike-rate for success also grew from 17.2% up to 32.7% if 4 tipsters were on as showcased by our findings:


This all looks good – but what happens to the odds on a tip if 2 or more tipsters are giving it out, can you still make a profit if you take a lower price…even at Betfair SP?

Getting value odds was a key part of the RPM strategy as after all – you won’t know a tip is a ‘multiple’ until the 2nd tipster has put it forward, by which time the odds might well have moved.

So to tackle this we ran performance analysis set against 4 different types of odds for all multiple bets as follows:

Maximum Odds: The highest odds available as quoted by any tipster
Average Odds: The average (mean) odds of those quoted by all tipsters
Minimum Odds: The lowest of the odds quoted by all tipsters
Betfair SP Odds: Betfair Starting Price minus 5% commission

Our findings revealed that whilst the 31.3% ROI on Maximum Odds might be unrealistic, you could still enjoy 22.6% at Average Odds and 14.2% at Minimum Odds. Most fascinating of all, at Betfair SP you would still have enjoyed a 5.6% ROI!


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Sounds great, but how can I follow this in practice – what tipsters should I use and how much might they cost?

In the RPM we have put forward 6 pre-built ‘Tipster Portfolios’ for you to consider, each featuring a selection of top tipsters we proof and recommend.

Portfolio 1 is an ideal option for those of you keen to keep costs down as it features either free or low-cost tipsters to make it as affordable as possible.

In total it includes 8 tipsters and over the past 3 years – would have made 7.1% ROI from 14,865 ‘single’ bets and an impressive 21.8% ROI from 923 ‘multiple’ bets as follows:


Best of all though, the odds for this portfolio also showcase a very fine profit at Minimum Odds (10.9%) and Betfair SP (9.8% ROI) from 923 bets.


Do I need to follow all 8 tipsters to make a profit?

Not at all – you can simply select those you wish to use – those that are suitable to your betting preferences, be it cost, time of tip release or number of bets.

You can also add in other tipsters to your portfolio from those we recommend and make your own custom-build. The key point being to ensure that any tipster you do follow as part of this strategy is a genuinely profitable one.

How can I find out more and get started?

You can pick up a copy of the Racing Profit Maximiser the instant you join us at the Smart Betting Club.

Through our independent and honest tipster ratings and reports, you can also find the very best betting tipsters to follow as part of this strategy.


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