How can you bet what the professionals bet for free?

The best things in life are free…and that includes tipsters!!!

We know what it is like when you’re starting to follow tipsters.  You want to elevate your betting, right?  Start generating consistent profits instead of frittering money away on daft bets or on silly hunches.

The trouble is, it’s at the start of a betting journey that funds tend to be at their tightest.  Perhaps you’ve scraped together enough for a betting bank of sorts, but hey…you could really do with getting off to a good start so that you can build things up and not risk going bust.

So you need two things:

  1. Tipsters you know you can trust, who are profitable and reliable; and
  2. Tipsters who are cheap – you can’t be eating up a big chunk of your bank in expensive fees.


So What About Tipsters Who Make Fantastic Profits…And Are Free?!?

Believe it or not, there are some exceptionally good tipsters out there who you can follow without spending as much as a penny.

Take a look at these figures achieved by three tipsters who are currently posting in the SBC forum:

  • Jason James: 788 bets since July, generating 492 points profit.  That’s £4,920 clear profit to just £10/point, in only 4 months!!!
  • The Form Analyst: winner of our tipster talent competition who has grown a betting bank by 33% in four months!  Compare this return to a bank offering an annual interest rate of 2%.
  • Chris Patti: has generated a sparkling ROI of 26.1% from 160 tips.

And what do these three tipsters have in common?

Answer: as a Smart Betting Club member, you get all of their picks completely free of charge!

3 Outstanding Tipsters Uncovered

A Great Way To Build A Betting Bank

The best thing about following these free tipsters is that it’s a brilliant way to build up a betting bank.  You can start small.  Stakes don’t need to be big when you don’t have subscription charges to cover, and the profits start to add up very quickly.

If you simply reinvest some of the profits you’re making, you’ll be able to grow your bank quickly and easily.  You can safely and securely raise your stakes, generating bigger profits.  And then perhaps, you can start to look at building a portfolio of tipsters, further spreading and diluting the risk as a serious investor.

It’s at this point that you might want to start looking at some tipsters that do charge for their expertise, and you’ll find a full run down on the very best the industry has to offer in the in depth reviews in our Betting Magazines.

And remember, we’re completely independent.  We take no cash for writing positive reviews.  This means that when we say something is good, it genuinely is, and you can have 100% confidence.

More Profitable And Free Tipsters In Our Forum

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The SBC member’s forum is alive with exciting tipsters posting up their bets for free.

Take for example, the professional gambler who posts his racing tips that are showing an ROI of 46.6% to level stakes since the beginning of June…or the racing guru generating a return of 22.9% ROI…

And so it goes on.

Some of these tipsters decide eventually to turn “professional”, and start charging for their expertise.  But there will always be a strong seam of free tipsters that you will be able to mine and generate superb profits from, taking the risk out of your betting.

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Enjoy All The Benefits Of An SBC Membership

By signing up to the Smart Betting Club today you will have much more than just the free tipsters.  You will have immediate access to all of our bookie busting strategies, tipster reviews and analysis, expert guides and more to ensure that you make money from your betting…

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What’s more, you’ll be able to make excellent profits from today and continue doing so tomorrow, next week, next month, next year….