Exclusive Tipster Offer – Two Free Trials & One £2 Deal

Here at the Smart Betting Club, not only do we review and report back upon all the best tipsters, but we also regularly negotiate special trials and money saving deals with them on your behalf.

And to celebrate the release of our new season Football Tipster Guide, we have wangled 3 amazing deals with 3 of our highest-rated football tipsters (including 2 free trials) that you really won’t want to miss out on!

They include…

  • A free month’s membership to the Scottish Football Bets tipster service run by top North of the Border expert – Greg Gordon;
  • 2 Free months membership to the Football Elite tipster service from renowned betting expert Matt Love;
  • Access to the fantastic live-betting tipster service from ex-pro footballer Goran Trpevski for only £2 this weekend (24/25 August).

Claim Your 3 Special Tipster Deals Now!

The first 2 free trials with Greg Gordon and Matt Love are available to anyone who subscribes to the Smart Betting Club (SBC) service before midnight strikes on the 31st August.

Those of you joining us at SBC this weekend, will also be able to sign-up for just £2 to receive Goran’s live betting tips on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th August.

As soon as you join our service at SBC – we will send you an automatic email confirming just how you can pick up these 3 extra special deals. No fuss, no catches – they are yours for free as thanks for joining.

Not only this, but you will also receive the full benefits of being a Smart Betting Club member for a full year – including our unique Football Tipster Guide for the new season.

Sign-up right now to get started!

3 Quality Tipsters

Each of the 3 tipsters (Greg, Matt & Goran) have been recruited for this special promotion, based on their excellent tipping prowess over several seasons. They are each bona-fide football betting experts with thousands of bets and profits behind them.

In short – punters love them and bookies hate them and with good reason as the profit table below showcases. Here you can find the number of bets plus all-time bank growth in percentage and money terms if following their tips.

A £2000 bank will have grown to £10,580 with Greg, £6,140 with Goran and £5,780 with Matt over several seasons…

Tipster Trials

Each of these 3 tipsters has made a consistent, reliable profit for followers of their tipping advice. We are able to confirm these records as accurate based on our own proofing records.

Those of you keen to follow Goran be aware that this offer is open for this weekend of the 24/25th August only.

Get started now and trial these 3 top tipsters starting this weekend!

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