388 Points Profit & Counting For This Free-To-SBC Racing Tipster

Last month I wrote to you about the outstanding racing tipster The Rooster who was bang in form after picking up winners at 16/1, 6/1 and 4/1 in August (read it here)

Well the good news is that this particular Rooster has plenty more to crow about with yet more winners recently, including Donjuan Triumphant and Syrian Pearl both obliging at 10/1 in the past 7 days.

Donjuan Triumphant was the Rooster’s tip for the rescheduled Gold Cup at Haydock last Saturday, whilst Syrian Pearl did the business over at Nottingham on Wednesday. Results that are especially impressive when you consider The Rooster normally puts up only 5 or so tips every week, so is very selective in his approach.

The reason I am telling you about this?

Simple – its because all of The Rooster’s advice is exclusively available FREE to you as a Smart Betting Club member. Once inside our service you can find links to sign-up to receive his tips via email OR through access to our tipping forum.

Its safe to say The Rooster is fast becoming a must-have service for many SBC members already and I don’t want you to miss out…


The Rooster’s Long-Term Profits

Whilst we all enjoy backing winners, our own appreciation of The Rooster comes from the long-term profits he has made since 2014.

Here is his full breakdown of stats since then, which help to showcase his absolute quality:

2014: 262 bets, 298 points staked, +131 points profit. 43.96% ROI
2015: 332 bets, 406 points staked, +103 points profit. 25.37% ROI
2016: 325 bets, 391 points staked, +83.5 points profit. 53.37% ROI
2017: 241 bets, 274 points staked, +71 points profit. 25.9% ROI

TOTAL: 1,160 bets, 1,369 points staked, +388.5 points profit. 28.37% ROI

If you had staked a simple £10 on each and every point advised, here is what you would have made:

2014: £1310 profit
2015: £1030 profit
2016: £835 profit
2017: £710 points profit.

TOTAL: £3885 profit.

This is one Rooster with results to crow about!

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EFC 510

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Peter Ling
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