Top Three Tips For Year Long Betting Profits (Not Just At Cheltenham!)

With the Cheltenham festival now drawing to a close, many punters will be counting their winnings or lamenting near misses as they head to the bars or ‘gentleman’s clubs’ this evening.

I was at the festival on Thursday, mixing with pro gamblers and fun punters alike.

The amazing thing was that the fun punters generally did just as well on the day as the pros!

Indeed there was some gnashing of teeth from a few experts I was with after one casual punter landed ‘Salut Flo’ at 9/2, backed because it sounded like a piece of sewage equipment.

So after my day mingling with the professionals at Cheltenham, here are three top tips for betting profits beyond this week.

1.       Why my Grandma never made it as a betting pro

My Grandma, god bless her soul once picked out six winners from six at a day at the races. Was she some kind of betting genius? No, she just got lucky that day, just as anyone can get lucky on a single day. My Gran never repeated such a monumental feat, if she had, my Christmas socks would have improved somewhat over the years.

To make consistent profits over a year, the sort of profits that could provide a nice second or primary income, you need to spread your net.

While the pros were generally down on the day while I was there, they were in profit for the festival and more importantly, were in profit for the year.

We track the performance of dozens of tipsters within our monthly tipster profit reports. There are a small, but significant number of professional tipsters who pull in a profit over the long term.

2.       A winner at 7/1 at Southwell pays the same as at Cheltenham

While there is no doubt some kudos from having backed the winner of the Gold Cup, the pros know that there’s more opportunity in the 14.30 at Southwell, where the bookies are more likely to have taken their eye off the ball. After all a 7/1 winner at Southwell, pays the same as a 7/1 winner at Cheltenham – some solace for those of you who may have lost this week!

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3.       Systems & Strategies to make it pay all year round.

The pro gamblers will have their own angles and they guard these like a military secret, but there are some tried and tested methods that anyone can use to pull in a profit on racing and football.

You needn’t be an expert to follow them and you can some of these systems completely free via this special Secret Betting Systems Guide we produced recently.

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