5 Of The Best Tipsters…And How You Can Follow Them

Despite popular opinion, when it comes to finding winning tipsters that make a proven profit betting, you needn’t spend a fortune to get hold of them.

It’s something I originally highlighted a few weeks back with my post on these 3 profitable free racing tipsters and today I want to expand further on this.

The simple fact is that you needn’t splash out huge sums of money, because if you know where to look, then you can find some of the very best tipster experts available with a Smart Betting Club membership

To prove this point today, I want to share with you details on 5 of the best tipsters and systems from our betting forum, the profits they have made and how you can begin following them.

The Smart Betting Club Forum – A Breeding Ground For Good Free Tipster Advice

These 5 experts can all currently be found on our unique Smart Betting Club (SBC) members only forum, which for many years has been a breeding ground for profitable and free tipster advice.

So much so that our ‘Best Free Forum Tips’ section now houses 9 of the very best tipping threads, which SBC members make a beeline for every day and with good reason!

Check out 5 of the very best and most popular tips threads:

1)      Skeeve’s  Shortlist bets

All SBC members get exclusive access to non-league tipster Skeeve’s shortlist bets, which this season will have grown your betting bank by 57.9% alone. That’s £1158 profit from a £2000 bank.

2)      Luton’s Greyhound Advice

Luton is our resident dog racing expert and he places all his best tips on our forum exclusively for SBC members. Since June 2011 at just £20 stakes he has made followers £1,880.00 profit at a Return on Investment (ROI) of 63.32%

3)      SB Racing

The Sanders Brothers have been advising racing tips since June last year, during which time they have made a 215 pt profit at a ROI of around 15%. At just £20 stakes that’s a whopping £2,300 profit.

4)      Passionman’s Tips

A French football tipster who has grown his initial bankroll of £10,000 into £14,236.00 over just 63 selective tips over the course of the season.

5)      Koda & Jasper’s Trading Tips

These guys are 2 football traders who since May have been sharing their unique advice on how to trade and lock in profit. Through steady accumulation they have now made 45.59 pts profit through hundreds of shrewd trades.

These 5 threads alone have received more than 22,900 visits alone from our members – proof as how popular and well used they are.

So if you like the idea of following tipsters like the 5 above on a regular basis (plus many more besides) then pick up a Smart Betting Club membership to start making money betting.

The great news is that all of this available for the equivalent of just £1.32 per week and with a full money back guarantee if not in any way satisfied once you joined.

Peter – Smart Betting Club Editor