The football tipsters to follow & how to follow them

October was a crazy month even by football’s high standards. We had the Wayne Rooney contract saga, Liverpool’s high court drama and of course the news that Francis Jeffers has signed for Australian side Newcastle Jets*.

*Ok, the last story is big only in Australia, a place where Mark Bosnich is considered the Antipodean equivalent of Alan Hansen!

One constant has been the performance of the best football tipsters that we monitor and report back on here at SBC. Those of you who read my blog post in early October (read this here), would have seen just what a good start to the season it had been for them.

The big question is then…how have they fared since my last update?

Tipster update

To quickly recap first, the first 5 services below are in our Hall of Fame, whilst tipster’s 6 and 7 are rated just beneath that in our ‘Recommended’ section.

Here is the updated table on their latest performance since July 2010 when the new season began.

(Please note – the actual names of each tipster have been protected and are available to full SBC members only).

Combined, the tipsters are really hitting our straps with a profit total in excess of 125 pts and already over a £6000 profit at £50 stakes. Service 3 has been truly excellent from the 14 bets advised so far and has the best ROI record, whereas Service 4 has the best points profit return.

ROI = Return on Investment. Total profits divided by total stakes.

Horses for courses – Sensible money management

Of course, in reality, it wouldn’t make sense to simply lump £50 on every bet. Some tipsters have a higher strike rate or bet turnover than others meaning you’d burn through your money prematurely unless you set up a proper betting bank. Instead we adjust the amounts we place per bet based upon each service and its strategy.

Service 1 for example has advised 259 bets this year in contrast to Service 3 (only 14 bets) so you would want to follow them with different staking amounts.  For example – in the table below we have £40 on each Service 1 bet and £130 on each Service 3 bet.

By using some sensible money management and employing what we call betting banks, you can make your betting much more efficient.

Below is an example of the type of staking and subsequent profit levels we would suggest for each service this season.

The average stake works out to be around £90. The total profit via this method for all 7 services would be £7,211.07 and you would also have the peace of mind that you are staking correctly on each service.

Now we’re not suggesting anyone should follow all these football tipsters, but it does give you an idea of the importance of varying your stakes depending on the service.

Help Is At Hand

If you are not familiar with the idea of a betting bank and are keen to find out more, than help is at hand as a member of the Smart Betting Club.

In our most recently published issue we shared our beginner’s strategy on money management, which contains easy to follow guidance on how to apply all of this to your own betting.

The learning curve for understanding it all is low and once you have a grasp on it, you could see your betting improve exponentially just like many of our members.

Also, if you’re keen to find out all the details on the 7 football tipsters above, their identities and how you can start following them, all of this is available as a Smart Betting Club member.

We place thousands of pounds ourselves each week following these tipsters so as always we put our money where our mouth is.

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