A Great Start To The Football Tipster Season

With the international football weekend, it’s a good chance to have a good long look at the performance so far this season from some of the best football tipsters that we monitor here at SBC.

We currently recommend 5 different football tipster services in our Hall of Fame, with a further 2 services that are bubbling under this level. A Hall of Fame ranking effectively means we give that service a full recommendation as one to join and follow with your own money.

Our ratings are all judged over the long-term so you can be assured that this is no flash in the pan performance! We also take into account the ease of following any service and other aspects such as cost, odds availability and customer service.

So with all that in mind….the big question is how have our best rated football tipsters performed so far this season?

The answer is …very well!

Our 5 Hall of Fame tipsters combined (Services 1 through to 5) have been going great guns with 4 of them steaming ahead with ROI figures of over 17%. Only Service 5 has had a slow start although with only 14 bets so far this season, it’s very early days for them!

The other services (6 and 7) have also been performing well, with each making a very decent profit.

Check out the table below for the performance for 7 of our best football tipsters since July this year.  At Just £50 stakes per service, you would already be £5109 up!

(Please note – the actual names of each tipster have been protected and are available to full SBC members only).


How Does This Compare To Previous Seasons?

Now if you are like me and take a lot of convincing when it comes to stats, you are probably asking….Sure that looks great, but how did they do before this season? What do the long-term stats say?

After all, we have all seen how politicians use and abuse statistics to prove a point, backed up by the classic quote “Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics”.

Well I can assure you that our best football tipsters are so chosen because they have kept up their form over many seasons. As we report back to all members on the latest stats each month in our monthly Smart Betting Club issue, you can be assured as well there is no Bernie Madoff style manipulation going on here!

To help prove the point that each of these tipsters also has performed well long-term, check out the table below listing their results from last season.

As you can see, over the course of the 2009/2010 full season, each of these tipsters made a large profit to a very good standard. The combined return was 360 pts, which at simple £50 stakes would have made you a £18,026.50 profit. The excellent start seen so far this season is definitely no flash in the pan!

How You Can Benefit

Many of the football tipsters listed here are followed by numerous SBC members who have benefitted from the reports and stats we provide to them each month.

We also know each of these tipsters are good as we place thousands of pounds ourselves each weekend following them too. We always put our money where our mouth is.

If you are keen to get started on your profitable betting walk, then these football tipsters provide a great place to start.

If you want to know more, including full reviews of each service and regular reports on their ongoing progress consider a full Smart Betting Club membership. By joining today you can get yourself set-up and following these experts in no time at all.