Pigeons love a flutter too

A recent scientific study found that (surprise surprise), pigeons are not the world’s most sophisticated gamblers. When given the choice of going for small regular rewards vs infrequent jackpots, the pigeons chose to go for the jackpot, even though this mean they received less grain overall.

While pigeons may have a brain only slightly smaller than John Terry’s, their behaviour is actually not too dissimilar to the way human beings like to gamble.

The odds of anyone winning the lottery are astronomical and even when it comes to the small prizes you’re effectively getting a 10/1 on what is a 57/1 shot! But of course most people don’t care about odds, they play the lottery for the dream, the chance of hitting it big no matter how small that chance is.

If pigeon behaviour is anything to go by, it may be that us human beings are hardwired to go for the jackpot.

Certain tipster marketers know this only too well and play up to it in their marketing; often listing just the big 50/1 winners while failing to mention the thousands of losers they had on the way. More like a vulture than a pigeon.

Avoiding Betting Scams

I’m sure there are many advantages of being a pigeon – relieving yourself on unsuspecting members of the public from a great height must bring a certain pleasure. However, us humans have a few things going for us; namely higher reasoning and analysis. We may be hard wired to do it, but we don’t have to chase long shots or caught out by the scams.

To help us make better decisions, we do need accurate information and when it comes to tipsters, this is an area that the Smart Betting Club specialise in.

We delve deep into each service we review and weigh up just how realistic making a profit is in reality for you. This can all be found through the reviews, stats, information and analysis that we publish each month.

All of which designed to do all the hard work for you…leaving you time to get on making money betting and feathering your own nest!