8 Expert Football Betting Tips

It’s been a long hard summer for us football fans, with good betting opportunities few and far between, yet finally the beautiful game returns in full this Saturday with the start of the English Premier League.

Before you place any bets this weekend, I wanted to share with you our 8 Top Football Betting Tips (as put forward by a variety of punting experts) to help you bash the bookies.

Each tip has been compiled based on the advice supplied by the football experts interviewed in our recently released 2013/14 Season Football Tipster Guide.

1) Don’t Bet On What’s Popular

Doing what everyone else is doing can often be a pointless exercise and some would go as far as suggesting that you can’t make money in the long run backing “popular” bets. It might be psychologically re-assuring to read lots of people agreeing with a bet you fancy, but in reality the fact that lots of people want to back something means you are unlikely to be getting a value price.

There’s a reason most bookies list their top 10 most popular bets on their homepage. Be your own person, learn to truly ignore what everyone else is saying and don’t be afraid to go as far against the grain as you find comfortable to go. Continue reading