Everything You Need To Know About Automating Your Betting

The latest Smart Betting Club magazine (Issue 105 – released on the 10th May) is an automated betting special, focusing in 2 tipsters with betting bots that can place your bets for you.

Following the release of this special issue, several of you were in touch to ask more about automated betting, how it works and how betting bots can help you as a profitable punter.

So many that I thought it wise to provide a bit more information on automated betting and bots to help explain more in an easy to understand way.

Here then is a brief Q & A with everything you need to know about the topic…

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What is automated betting?

Automated betting is very simply the act of using ‘betting bots’ to place your bets for you.

And as you might imagine, our interest at SBC lies with those betting tipsters that you can follow on this automated basis. Tipsters that work with betting bots.

As it’s a growing area, there are now a number of tipster services available to follow with bots. You simply purchase access to the tipster and they grant you the ability to follow them ‘automated’ either through their own in-house or 3rd party bots.

It’s all done with permission of the tipster and bookmaker and is a legitimate option for punters these days.

Why are punters using betting bots? What are the advantages of them?

Well the most obvious reason is that it saves time – especially for those tipsters who might not advise bets during specific time windows or those who send over a large number of tips. Perhaps too many bets for you to realistically place.

The other advantage is that you can program your bot to only place bets under certain conditions – usually in relation to the odds.

For example – if you need to take odds of 1.75 on a bet, your betting bot can be instructed to keep checking the market to ensure that if at any point odds of 1.75 are available, your bet is matched.

Saving you the need to check the market constantly and observe the odds.

Tell me about the tipsters you have reviewed in SBC 105 and the bots you can use with them?

In SBC 105 we investigated 2 tipsters available to follow with 2 different betting bots.

Tipster 1 uses an external betting bot called Smartbet, which subscribers to Tipster 1 can follow for a small fee (they charge 0.25% of your stake)

Smartbet allows you to easily follow many different tipsters and it’s a very advanced bot which can scrape the emails a tipster sends you, pick out the tips and place them for you. We have tested Smartbet extensively as part of the reviews in SBC 105.

Tipster 2 is a little different in that the service itself provides their own in-house bot to follow the tips provided.

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How easy is it to do and setup?

Smartbet is a little bit more involved as it’s a program you need to download and ensure is running at all times.

Therefore, its recommended you use it in conjunction with a virtual PC – something Smartbet provide easy instructions on setting up. It’s not particularly complex and you just need to follow some straight-forward guides to get it working. Once it is setup that’s it, you don’t have to do anything other than monitor it and the bets being placed to see how you are performing.

The other in-house bot (from Tipster 2) is even simpler. You just enter your details including bookmaker account (all securely accessed by the tipster) and the bot is all setup. This takes just a few minutes and is astonishingly easy to do.

Can you customise how the bots work – for example the staking and odds?

Yes, this is the other appealing reason for using bots – customisation.

This includes the staking you wish to use, which you can adjust at anytime to suit your needs. It can be £2, £10, £100 or more.

The other appealing thing about these bots is that it lets you request how ‘close’ to the advised odds you are happy to take. This is especially important if a market moves before your bet gets matched.

For example, a ‘click’ difference of 10 would mean that if a bet is advised at 2.00, you are willing to take 1.90 (a 10 click difference).

You can customise what the click difference is as per your preferences.

Best of all both bots provide records of bets placed, which you can export or view to keep updated on your progress.

How much does it cost?

The costs for both bots are relatively low.

Smartbet charges you 0.25% of your stake to use, although as an SBC member you can benefit from 20 Euros credit once you open up a Smartbet account. Some tipsters charge an additional 0.25% stake to make up a total of 0.5% as a cost. Therefore, for every £100 you stake, there is a 50p charge.

If using the in-house tipster bot, they charge a simple 0.5% of your stake on each bet as a cost.

As part of our reviews in SBC105, we evaluated both tipsters and their profitability AFTER these costs were taken into account. Both remain viable solutions after costs.

What bookies can you place automatic bets with?

Both tipsters featured in SBC 105 only offer automated bet placement through access to Pinnacle Sports. Therefore, you need an account with them to use the automated options.

For those of you without access to Pinnacle, the good news is that we plan to review another automated tipster ahead of the 2018/19 football season, which uses Bet365.

No doubt as more and more bookies open up their API’s (which allows bots and the like to use them on an automated basis) we will see even more options in the future.

Can you follow the tipsters reviewed in SBC 105 without the automated option?

Yes, you can – this was an important element of both of these tipster reviews, that those of you who prefer or are unable to follow automated, can do so on a manual bet placement.

Do bookies not have a problem with automated betting?

No – most of them actively welcome automated betting options as it helps to increase their turnover and make their markets more efficient.

The only major exception to this is horse racing – there are no automated bet options for tipsters in this market, simply because it would be unfeasible given the way racing currently bookies work.

How you can find out more…

I do hope the above Q & A has helped to address some of the most common questions you might have on automated betting.

It’s nothing to be scared of and doesn’t require a technological genius to get working. These days all you need do is follow some simple instructions, click a few buttons and you can be up and running in no time.

You can read some detailed insight into 2 tipsters you can follow on an automated basis PLUS the bots that work with in SBC 105.

You can access this issue and the entire back catalogue of SBC MagazinesTipster Profits ReportsBest Tipster Guides & How I Make Money Betting Interviews the instant you join the Smart Betting Club.

Best regards,

Peter Ling
Smart Betting Club Editor

Will This Automated Betting Software Place Winning Bets For You?

Self-driving cars, commercial rockets to mars and video technology in football – whichever way you look at it – the future is most definitely almost upon us.

Yet for those of us interested in betting, technology is also having an impact, especially when it comes to automatic bet placement software.

Automatic bet placement is the dream for many punters – software that can open your emails, read a tip, login to your bookie account and place the bet for you.

Even better if the software can sort out your staking, work out the best odds to take and even constantly monitor the betting markets to ensure you get the best value possible.

Sounds like a pipe-dream?

Well it isn’t as this is exactly what the new betting software as reviewed in the latest SBC Magazine – Issue 101 actually does.

It’s new, developing technology with a growing following and growing group of tipsters for whom it works with.

Sign-up for your instant Smart Betting Club membership to access our full review right away or read on for more detail…

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Automate Your Bet Placement

The software in question is a bot which runs on any computer and provides an automated betting platform for punters.

Once setup, you can use the bot to automatically follow those tipsters that you subscribe to and who send you tips via email.

The bot constantly scans your email account, picks out the tips when they arrive (or logs in to pick it up) and will place them as per your settings.

Whether you want to bet at £5 or £50 a go, work to a specific staking plan or request very specific odds, it can also do that.

And best of all – the cost is extremely low as the software takes its cut by charging just 0.25% of your stake of each bet placed. Ensuring you only pay when you use it. (And best of all you can get an extra 18 Euros credit to use it as an SBC member!)

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Putting The Bot Through Its Paces

As part of the detailed SBC review process, I put this bot to the test for several months by following a recommended SBC Tipster proven to work with it.

I installed the bot, configured my settings and put it to work to place automated bets on my behalf.

The results?

Over a 2 month period, the bot placed 115 out of 116 tips advised by the tipster automatically on my behalf and all at good odds.

Only 1 bet was missed (an acceptable margin of error perhaps and something it was unclear as to whether the issue was the tipsters or bots fault) and best of all I mirrored almost exactly the same odds as quoted by the tipster.

As you can see below – the average odds quoted by the tipster were 1.994 and I obtained an average set of odds of 1.993. A difference so marginal it is hardly worth bothering with.

Tipster’s Official Results
Average odds taken: 1.994

Bot Results
Average odds taken: 1.993

Best of all, aside from initial work setting it up and ensuring it ran smoothly, I didn’t lift a finger to place any of these 115 tips. It was all done for me by the bot.

Can It Work For You?

I was hugely impressed by my experience in using the bot – so much so that I am continuing to use it to place tips from several tipsters – all automated on my behalf.

Currently the bot works with several tipsters, although only those that sync up with the bookmaker Pinnacle Sports, so it is restricted to the markets they offer (so no horse racing!).

Plans are in place to expand the bot to work with both Betfair and Bet365, alongside other bookmakers in the near future.

If the idea of automated bet software like this appeals to you then I urge you to check out the detailed review as published in SBC 101.

Best of all – as an SBC member you can also get an exclusive offer of an extra 18 Euros credit when running the bot.

Allowing you to install it and use if first before needing to stump up any cash.

You can gain full access to SBC 101 plus our HUGE BACK CATALOGUE of past magazines, reports and a lot more with a Smart Betting Club membership. Click here to view our recent publications

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