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Those readers of a certain age (in the UK) will remember the wonderful book by Sue Townsend –The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 ¾ . The book follows the travails of teenager Adrian as he navigates typical problems such as acne, girls and his neighbour seducing his mother.

Here at the Smart Betting Club we have our very secret diary, but in this case focusing on the ups and downs of professional gambling. Our Mole in this case is Rowan Day, a pro punter who is well past his teenage years, but still has to contend with issues such as cricket matches interfering with bet placement.

Rowan writes his column exclusively for Smart Betting Club members and not only is it a good read, it also provides a useful insight into the life of a pro punter (and SBC member). With April now behind us, here are some excerpts from Rowan’s latest missive…

The names of tipsters that Rowan uses have been removed for the benefit of paying Smart Betting Club members. To find out more about an SBC membership click here.

April Update: I Loved That Hamster…

Nine winners from nine on Saturday, and Justin Rose winning on the PGA Tour yesterday meant that for a second weekend in the month, [TipsterH] had a stormer.  Shame I missed out on the first weekend, eh?

This will have been a bumper month for [TipsterH] followers.  That it is not as big a month for me as it will have been for others is, as you can tell, really winding me up.  I need to let it go and move on.  Honestly, I’ve not grieved so much since family pet ‘Hammy’ the hamster died back in ’79.

I loved that hamster.


Still a good month…

Still, even without this boost [TipsterH] has had a month to savour and was by far my best performing service for April.  Although the figures don’t go into last month’s totals, it was great to see a long term bet on Brentford landed on Saturday, one of the few antepost bets I was able to place at fairly decent odds at the beginning of the footie season.  I’ve had a couple of antepost losers too, but I’ve been fortunate in that the long term bets I have been able to place have come in, and some of those I wasn’t able to have gone on to be losers.  Swings and roundabouts I guess; the betting equivalent to that well worn football mantra of luck evening itself out over the course of a season.

[TipsterH] April: Staked 102.5pts, +24.172pts

A Gut Feeling on [TipsterJ]

At the risk of tempting fate, and touching wood whilst offering a silent prayer, it is to be noted that there have been one or two signs of life for [TipsterJ], a service that has lain dormant for some time.  I’ve made a lot of money from this service in the past, and although my faith hadn’t completely dwindled, I couldn’t help but wonder if perhaps it had seen it’s best days.  Although not a huge profit in the month gone, I did get the feeling that there was more consistency in their approach and it “felt” more like the service of old.

[TipsterJ] April: Staked 27pts, +2.816pts

Mr Consistent: [TipsterT]

My most consistent service by far is [TipsterT], and April was another solid month for the South American expert.  It’s not the simplest service to follow – far from it in fact, with odds crashing fast – but happily for 80% of the bets that come through, I tend to be at the laptop at the time of release and so generally speaking, I’m ok.

[TipsterT] April: Staked 169pts, +11.536pts.

Dodging Bullets

One of the more inspired decisions I’ve made about my betting recently was to drop the football Combo bets this month.  I made this decision not because I felt the system has no merit (indeed, on the contrary), but because I hadn’t fully settled on my own Combo strategy.  Experience has taught me that if there is any lack of certainty in my method of following a service or tipster, or in this case a combination of tipsters, then it is better to stop putting the money down and wait until there is 100% clarity in terms of the way forward.

What I can’t claim is some great foresight that told me that [Tipsters X & Y], two huge contributors to the Combo method, would each suffer a torrid April. I can’t imagine they would be great results and I feel I’ve dodged a bullet here.

Feeding the Fink Tank

Rounding up the summary of football services, and we come to the seemingly ever-reliable The Fink Tank.  I know that, like any service/system, it has bad spells (seemingly the 2013/14 season was one of them), but this season it has been great.

[Fink Tank] April: Staked 59pts, +3.945pts

Find out more about Fink Tank here

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Basketball Foul Times

It hasn’t been such a happy time for [Tipster B], but previous heroics prevent there being too many feelings of reproach for the NBA specialist.  There’s not too much to say, other than it would be nice for what has overall been a highly successful season if it were to finish strongly through May.  Here’s hoping. (Staked 148pts, -17.242pts).

[Tipster B] April: Staked 148pts, -17.242pts

Big Ups & Downs With This Tipster:

There’s no escaping the fact that [TipsterTT] had a shocker of an April.  Looking at previous months’ results, it was due one, and something I have learnt already from following this service is that losses can, and have been previously, recouped at a rate of knots.  In simple, black and white terms, this service has dragged my overall monthly profit right down, but therein lies the problem of splitting overall performance into monthly chunks.  30-31 days really is no sort of time period to evaluate performance.

[TipsterTT] April: 301.8pts, -92.916pts

Horse Racing Profits:

It was good to see [Tipster O] embark successfully upon the beginnings of a recovery mission to regain points lost through the early part of the year.

[Tipster O]: Staked 40.15pts, +9.199pts

Staking Management & Much More

As a Smart Betting Club member Rowan has benefited not only from our in-depth reviews of profitable tipster, we also supply dozens of articles on professional betting topics such as bankroll management and betting psychology.This means that Rowan is able to manage his portfolio of tipsters effectively so that no tipster dominates his profit and loss. His final tally for April shows an ROI of 1.34% and a Return On Capital of 1.13%. As Rowan says – Not the best month in the world, but not the worst either.Some tipsters stake more than others and some may take on higher odds selections which means if you had £1,000 invested with each tipster you would stake dramatically different amounts per bet / per point.

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