New SBC Podcast interview with betting professional, Paul Chandler-Burns

The latest SBC podcast episode is out now and features an interview with betting professional, Paul Chandler-Burns on his many years working in the industry.

You can listen to this episode now via Apple / Spotify / Google / YouTube and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

Paul’s time as a full-time bettor saw him take advantage of edges in football ante-post markets, entertainment and reality TV betting markets (and the inside information that so often flowed in them) as well as golf and horse racing.

These days, Paul combines his unique work as an entertainer on cruise ships with betting mostly on horse racing where he uses the Pricewise column and tips from Tom Segal as a starting point and guide to find excellent value in many of the big racing meetings and events.

By filtering through the bets Tom puts up, he is able to make a good return in these highly liquid markets – including via the Free SBC service ‘Pricewise with PCB‘ which has made in excess of 13% ROI since it began last year.

Paul also discusses his usage of independent bookmakers, including a few that happily will lay a bet on sports like horse racing and the convenience they bring.

All told its fascinating insight into a lifetime working in the betting world, the importance of evolving what you bet on as the industry changes and profitable angles to take advantage of in the modern betting world.


As an SBC member, you can enjoy access to an optimised version of Tom Segal’s Pricewise tips, as curated by Paul Chandler-Burns.

Since inception, over the course of 322 bets, this unique service has made 65.09 points profit @ 13.69% ROI.

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