My Star Sports ‘Betting People’ Video Interview

The big news this week is my appearance in the Betting People series of video interviews as published by the bookmaker, Star Sports.

You can watch them all 4 of the 15 minute video interviews via this link:​

Amongst a wide variety of topics I discuss:

  • How SBC works and the reality of following modern day tipsters
  • The need to focus long-term when making important betting decisions
  • The sport that is the most profitable to bet on currently
  • My own betting and the need to tailor tipster services to fit your circumstances and preferences.
  • How I use runners and get bets on
  • The power of connecting and building relationships with other bettors
  • Some of the simple mathematical concepts that are vitally important to success
  • What I find to be the biggest fundamental difference between a winning and losing punter
  • Why free tipsters need to be treated cautiously as per the motivations and reasons why they are free
  • Why the actual ‘winning’ side of betting has become the easy part these days.
  • How to get started and choose the right tipsters for you
  • Plans for SBC moving forward

For those of you keen to learn more on the world of tipsters and SBC’s goal of helping people with their betting, these video interviews are a great place to get started.

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