Another 117.8 points profit in the past week for these Free Tipsters. Grab your access now!

Further to my article last Thursday on the outstanding performance of our ‘Free Tipster’ Group who between them were up 253.64 points profit, yet more winnings have been made over the past 7 days to further boost the coffers for those shrewd enough to be following.

In total another 117.8 points profit have been added to the tally with 4 of the 5 free tipsters making a fine wedge in the past week alone.

This form ensured August ended on a high and September got off to a flyer…

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Latest Tipster Profits Rundown

You can view a full rundown on each free tipster and their recent and long-term results via this link:

Free Tipster Results Spreadsheet

Simply click each tab to view the results for each tipster and see what they have achieved to date.

Below you can find a brief rundown on each tipster and the extra profits made in the last week alone…

The Turf Buddy Racing Tips
Up an extra 100.2 points profit in the last week!
Latest Figures: 307.5 points profit @ 25.84% ROI

Kieran Ward’s Value Racing Tips
Up an extra 13.49 points profit in the last week!
Latest Figures: 1110.18 points profit @ 10.32% ROI

The Poacher Football Tips – PreMatch & In-Play
Up an extra 3.82 points profit in the last week!
Latest Figures: 15.18 points profit @ 7.5% ROI

In-Play (started end of March 2019)
Up an extra 2.29 points profit in the last week!
Latest Figures: 2.12 points profit @ 2.26% ROI

The Inside Man’s Football Tips
Down 2 points profit in the last week
Latest Figures: 7.37 points profit @ 5.72% ROI

PGA Profits Golf Tips
No bets advised last week (they return on the 9th Sept)
Latest Figures: 334.52 points profit @ 19.3% ROI

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