This free-with-SBC tipster hits a new profit high with 41.75 points made in just one day

Are you looking for your next horse racing tipster but concerned about laying out the funds to join an expensive service?

At the Smart Betting Club we cater for all budgets which is why we have a ‘Free Tipster’ section that provides quality services at no extra cost above your SBC membership payment.

Quality services such as ‘No Foto Needed’ which is a horse racing tipster that is running red hot right now.

So hot that last weekend, the service tipped a rather tasty 40/1 winner!

And not only that but an 8/1 winner as well, which meant backers recorded a huge 41.75 points in just one day!

Here’s the tips from last Saturday:

And this is no one-off. SBC has been tracking No Foto Needed for over 2 years now. In that time our results tracking service has recorded a total profit of 259.83 points which is equal to a 19.10% ROI.

Access with an SBC Membership

You can get access to this high quality racing expert and several others at no extra cost beyond your SBC membership payment.

No Foto Needed is a highly profitable tipster with a long term record that would make a great addition to your portfolio. And the great thing is…it’s a cheap entry point to following tipsters.

Plus you’ll get all the other amazing benefits of an SBC membership with access to plenty of other free tipsters and betting knowledge included in your subscription.

All the information is available on our site including full results and joining options plus details of all our other great services.

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P.S. Kieran Ward’s 13/2 to 8/1 service is another service included at no extra cost to an membership…it’s currently showing a huge 1030.85 points profit!!