Twin Racing Experts – 2 fantastic new racing tipsters explored in SBC 128

Betting on horse racing is one the most popular sports for all kinds of punters – and for good reason – as with the right expert(s) to guide you, there is a serious edge to be made!

To back this up, in the latest SBC Magazine (Issue 128) the SBC team reviewed 2 very promising racing experts, both of whom have showcased a long-term profit betting not just with bookmakers, but also at Betfair SP.

Allow me to explain more with a brief rundown on what you can read in each review:


The first review features our deep dive into Hanbury Racing – a service we featured in our latest podcast episode and one that has an impressive betting record dating back 2 years now.

The service’s current record stands at 42% ROI over a 1,450 bet sample to bookmaker odds.

Better still, profits increase when comparing the results to Betfair SP – who will never close you down for winning (unlike modern day bookies!)

This means you’d be able to make money at the exchange, all the while avoiding any account restrictions from the bookmakers.

Win win!


Tipster 2 is a service we are keeping the identify of a secret for SBC members only!

What I can tell you is that it is another horse racing service that has a winning track record at both the bookmakers and at Betfair SP.

This is a service that takes a selective approach and specialises in selections during the flat season, an approach that has meant a 35.82% ROI since 2016.

And as mentioned the strategy is also profitable at Betfair SP. Over the same betting history, the ROI at BSP is a very healthy 32.77% ROI.

So for those of you with less time on your hands and with less bookmaker accounts, this could be the perfect service for you.


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