Another free tipster report from the blogger up over 7k in 2019. Read about his remarkable betting journey…

Today I have another freebie to share with you – a 2nd special report from a blogger using tipsters to turn a profit from his betting.

The author in question is the tipster blogger, Making Punting Pay who in this special report explains how he made a £7,346.57 clear profit betting in 2019.

In this 17 page PDF, you can explore his journey to profit on a month-by-month basis, including the 6 tipsters he follows, the lessons learnt along the way and his advice to those looking to copy his approach when sport and betting return!

Download it now via either of the links below.


P.s. Make sure you also read the latest posts up at the Making Punting Pay blog on how he performed during Cheltenham 2020 – where he made £6,704.19 over the course of the 4 day festival!

Download Another Free Tipster Report…

If you missed our email last Monday, you might not have seen the other free report now also available for download.

This second report is from SBC writer, Rowan Day on the performance of the tipsters he follows and the profits he made with them during 2019.

Just as with Making Punting Pay, 2019 was another profitable year for Rowan….Providing yet more evidence were it needed that the top rated tipsters we recommend are well worth following.


Read More Free From Both These Authors

Although there is very little to bet on currently, it is a great time to read up on some of the excellent material from both these authors on their betting journeys in greater detail.

First of all you can explore more from Making Punting Pay at his regularly updated blog, including his performance so far during 2020. I also recommend going through each week of his blog during 2019 for even more detail on the decisions he made, the challenges faced and overcame.

If you want to read more from Rowan, the author of the 2nd report, you can find posts on his betting progress dating back to 2015 at the free SBC Bet Diary page.

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Peter Ling

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